The inspiration for box chain can be found in its namesake. A box chain design typically has tiny boxes interlocked into each other. These boxes fit into each other and form a gold chain. They are also called as venetian chains. The gold box chain is a favourite at PureJewels due to its lightweight property and geometric design.

At PureJewels we craft our box chains using state of art technology in 22ct gold. We are firm believers of celebrating luxury and craftsmanship. We offer gold box chains in various lengths starting from 16 inches. We also provide options for thickness of your gold box chain.
At PureJewels, our 16 inch gold box chains are a favourite amongst gifting items. They are lightweight without any compromise in durability. Each of our jewellery item comes in a presentation box. Box chains can be gifted for various occasions, from birthdays to graduation to wedding presents.

Due to their geometric appearance and design, box chains are fairly simple to maintain. Our gold chains can be worn on daily basis and this won’t affect its durability at all. To keep your box chain shining, we recommend cleaning it with a mixture of mild soap and warm water using a soft brush once a month. We also recommend getting it professionally cleaned once a year.

Furthermore, we also advise to not wear our gold chains or even other gold jewellery while carrying out physical activities such as exercising or doing chores that involve contact with chemicals or water. We also recommend to not wear it while swimming in pools, rivers or the ocean. The salt water and chlorine diminishes the electric shine of gold.

A box chain has a modern and sharp aesthetic design. This makes it a versatile item of jewellery for both men and women. This can also be worn on different occasions. So whether it is a night time gala or a day time meeting, it is a perfect fit.

We believe in jewellery as a form of expression. One of the ways you can style your box chain is by wearing different lengths of box chains. Wearing a 16 inch box chain with an 18 inches box chains can help to create a layered look. If you are not a fan of yellow gold, you can always contact us to customise your gold chain in other shades of gold such as rose gold or white gold. While you can wear the box chain on its own, you can also add a pendant or a cross to it. Whether you are wearing a rose gold box chain or a yellow gold box chain with pendant, the choice is all yours!

If for some reason you are not comfortable with the length of your box chain, you can always contact us and we will guide you further with the process.