Celebrate with diamonds… Beautiful, lasting, and memorable, diamond jewellery set is the perfect choice for important occasions.

PureJewels is a London jeweller with roots stretching back to India. Families have long trusted us for their bridal diamond jewellery set and, if you want an authentic diamond jewellery set for your wedding, you’re welcome to come and try on the latest in store.

Many of our collections are designed in the studio and almost completely made in the UK. You can choose an entire diamond jewellery set – like Vinyasa – or one piece, from which to slowly build your collection.

We supply traditional Indian bridal jewellery in yellow, white and rose gold, with diamonds or zirconia. If it’s not on the website it could be in store, so send us a message to enquire if you are looking for a special style.

Many of our collections include bridal Mangalsutra, bangles, and rings – all you need to form a bridal diamond jewellery set. Most collections are available on special order, so make your decision with plenty of time to spare!

Vinyasa is a beautiful collection released in 2018. It comprises bracelets, pendants, Mangalsutra and an incredible diamond engagement ring. Vinyasa is designed around the eye of a peacock, the Indian icon of beauty and pride. We created it for women who may not know how beautiful they truly are.

There is charm in a set of coordinating, but not matching, pieces – just like a real collection, accumulated over the years. You can create your own wedding jewellery set by choosing from any of our 22ct gold pieces – bangles, earrings, pendants and mangalsutra are available – which work well together to create an authentic, traditional Indian look.

If you prefer coordination, then choose your wedding jewellery set from one of these collections:
Armari: classical Indian style in 22ct gold with fashionable Polki diamonds. The diamonds, which remain uncut and organically shaped, are set in thin bands of gold to best reflect their beauty.
Lotus: pure design with lots of romance. All our classic pieces are in this collection, with pared-down elegance and attentive craftsmanship.
Rose Gold and Diamonds: A rose gold or diamond jewellery set is a contemporary collection perfect for layering to create your wedding look. It’s also very easy to wear the pieces individually after the big day.