Gold bangles can styled according to the occasion and your style. We believe that jewellery is an extension of one’s personality and style. There is no right or wrong way to wear real gold bangles. You can stack up multiple bangles to showcase a more traditional look or you can just stick to one! While stacking them up, the bangles do not have to be from the same collection as well. As long as you think they go together, that is what matters. If the gold bangle is a thicker bangle, you can always just wear that. Another way to wear gold bangles is to style them with your rings and even watches!

The monetary worth of a gold bangle differs from each piece. The price would depend on gold purity and metal weight of the bangle. At PureJewels we offer gold bangles for all occasions. These bangles can also be worn on daily basis and are suitable for gifting. While some of the bangles are fashioned only in gold, the others are crafted with gold and gemstones. The worth of each gold bangle will also depend on the weight of it along with the gemstones/diamonds used. Our range of gold bangles starts from £ 600. We also undertake bespoke commissions. The value for these will depend on the design and the weight of the bangle.

We offer free and secure delivery. All our products are delivered securely and require signing in. We do not store your card details and ensure maximum safety for online transactions. We also have a 14 Days moneyback guarantee. We do offer refunds and exchanges.

If you would like to come in person to our store, you can book a prior appointment. We are located in Newham. To further make it more convenient, we have collaborated with Ainsworth Jewellers in Blackburn who are our retail stockists. You can book an appointment with them as well to view our gold bangles.

There is not a specific number of bangles that one should wear but it was considered auspicious to wear the same number of bangles in each hand. However, we believe that jewellery should be comfortable and it is solely up to the wearer the number of gold bangles they should decide to wear. Jewellery is an extension of one’s style and style should always be comfortable. Whether you want to style it up with one bangle or multiple, the choice is yours!

22ct Beautiful Indian Style Gold Bangles

Bangles are delightful pieces of jewellery that imbue the wearer with the same subtle, elegant beauty that they exhibit themselves. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the quality of our Indian gold bangles, each piece created to be an individual while retaining the Indian style that would be just as at home if it was for sale in a fine jewellers in Delhi. As with all the jewellery that we produce, our bangles are made using traditional Indian methods and design principles, for which we are renowned. Our bangles are bold, stunning and each piece in our collection demonstrates a distinct flourish; our Sparkle 22ct gold bangle has been delicately designed to resemble braided gold while the Jali 22ct gold filigree bangle is a larger piece that glows with the gold of the sunrise. We also have a variety of Indian bangle sets which are ideal gifting to loved ones.

Our History and how we design our beautiful Indian gold bangles

In 1921, Bhanji Gokaldas, like millions of other Indians, sought his fortune in many of the neighbouring countries which had just begun to emerge as economic powers. At the tender age of 18, Bhanji bid his family goodbye to set sail for Eastern Africa to become his own boss; he took the money he had with him to rent a workshop in Nairobi and from here he begun crafting jewellery, infusing his work with the techniques and style of his home. His skill at his craft soon made him successful and eventually, he and his young family left for London.

For the last 45 years, our family has kept with the tradition of providing a warm and welcoming experience to all our customers.