We love the diverse styling of PureJewels nose rings on Instagram and in real life! Our contemporary range is easy to wear with your favourite outfits, whether you prefer a minimalist 22ct gold nose ring or – for special days – a sparkly diamond nose ring. Mix it up and wear your heritage with pride.

The classic Indian gold nose ring is a sensational addition to your weekend wardrobe. It looks fabulous with modern styles and introduces a vintage vibe to your look.

Gold nose rings have been popular in India for centuries, associated with brides and married women. But rules are made to be broken. Ours are light and modern, inspired by the classics… 22ct gold nose rings with a designer finish. If you’re looking for a more discreet nose pin for weekdays, try our Gold Nose Pin category.

We’ve used cubic zirconia, which gives a luxurious sparkle that you can confidently wear every day. If you’re looking for a diamond gold nose ring or pin, and you can’t find the right one for you, then please get in touch. We are quick to respond over Live Chat or you can telephone the store to find out what’s in stock.