Let the world see you shine in our modern classic Jhumar collection. Jhumars, Passa, Maang tikka, Matha patti, these are examples of head ornaments which was adapted by North India from the Mughals Jhumars are being worn since ancient times when royalties would adorn them along with elaborate nose rings and layers of necklaces. Wearing head ornaments enhances the shape of your face. Our designs are inspired by those ancient Mughal times along with todays wearability. We make sure every piece of jewelry compliments your taste and style.


Our bridal Jhumar collection includes 22kt Gold Jhumars with intricate motifs, meticulous craftsmanship and are light in weight so that you are at-most comfort. To rightly adorn a jhumar, you will need to hook the end on top of your head along with a bobby pin to secure it an let the bottom nicely fall on side of your head. You can also let it sit in the center like a maang tikka. The versatility of Jhumar lets you play around with its aesthetics whether you want a traditional look or a bold one.


Historically Jhumars designs were highly influenced by Islamic Motifs as use of crescent moon silhouette was the main component, but with time we have modified the designs in various ways to match with today’s trends. Jhumars are traditionally made using polkis, gold, diamonds and various other gemstones like rubies, emeralds, pearls but also some unconventional materials like Macrame, glass, wool, paper, straw and plastic to make it very lightweight, affordable and easy to wear.


These exquisite pieces elegantly enhance your features and bring style to the forefront. Add charm to a variety of outfits by pairing them voguishly with either ethnic or western wear.