What we love about jewellery, besides its ability to add extra glamour to your outfit, is its availability of styles and designs. These designs and styles range from traditional to modern to contemporary. For example, our collection of gold chains at PureJewels is made up of rings such as Spiga gold chains, gold box chains, gold rope chains, link chains, et cetera. These chains range made in 22ct and 18ct gold.

But what is the difference between a link chain and other chains? While all chains comprise links, the chains under the category of link chains at PureJewels are chains with minimal links. These designs include chains such as gold box chains or gold curb chains, et cetera. The links in these chains are simple. They do not have intricate twisted patterns as found in other gold chain designs.

However, the subtlety of the link in a gold link necklace brings out the shine of 22ct gold. The designs of 22ct link chains can be worn on an everyday basis and on occasion as well.

There are various ways to style 22-carat link chains. They can be worn independently, paired with other 22ct link chains to create a layered link chain necklace look.

If the links are bigger in a 22ct link chain, it’s best to wear the ring independently, as the links become the main design.

If the links in a gold link chain are smaller, you can wear them with a gold pendant to emphasise the pendant while using the links to complement it.

Depending on your style, whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, you can opt for large link necklaces or light chain necklaces

Our 22ct link chains can be easily cleaned at home. You can mix warm water and mild soap and use a soft brush to clean it. Then, rinse it under clean, warm water, and store the gold link chain necklace in a cool and dry place.

We recommend getting your large link necklaces and links necklaces made in gold to be cleaned professionally once a year, especially if you wear them daily. Cleaning the gold link chains periodically will ensure their shine and keep them fresh looking to complement your outfit.

If the link necklaces have pendants, remove the pendants and clean the gold chain. Clean the pendants carefully as well. While there are a lot of tutorials on the internet, we always recommend asking your jeweller how to clean it.