For cleaning high valued and precious metal jewellery, it is always advised that they are cleansed with a gentle jewellery cleaner made specifically for the particular metal that your jewellery has been made in, for example, rose gold jewellery should be cleaned with a gold jewellery cleaning solution that can be ordered online.
In case that is not an option for you at the moment, using mild soap and warm water is also a great way to do the same. All you need to do is make a mild solution of warm water and a gentle soap. Further, you gently scrub the rose gold jewels using your fingers and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

Traditionally designed as a reminder of the importance of serving God (and worn on the dominant hand), kada for men have been worn for centuries. The classic kada is forged in steel. For contemporary tastes, we now offer modern, 22ct gold kada online.

If you don’t want to buy gold kada for men or men’s bracelet online – and still prefer the old-fashioned experience – then come and view the collection in our spacious showroom on Green Street.

According to the history books, kada were once worn by warriors during battle – on their arms or wrists, as a weapon or shield in combat. There is even evidence of kada with spikes, which would have been used to help defeat enemies. The tradition evolved and nowadays, the kada is like a wedding ring; a reminder of your commitment to God, worn daily. With no clasp or fastening, a kada forms a smooth, endless circle that represents the totality of God.

Our 18ct and 22ct gold kada for men and men’s bracelet designs are created by the team at PureJewels, inspired by Eastern influences with our trademark modern flair. You can choose from a simple, rounded-edge, gold kada design (along the lines of an authentic kada), or a more detailed one – there are white gold kada designs too. You’ll notice that the descriptions of our gold kada designs include weight, so you can see how much gold you are buying.