Jewellery is often worn to symbolize meaningful sentiments. The ancient Egyptians often wore jewellery because they believed that it would form a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God. This would then influence the length of the necklace. This is how short necklaces found its place in jewellery styles.

The versatility of a necklace is that it comes in different styles. No occasion outfit is complete without a necklace. At PureJewels we have designed necklaces of different styles. Whether you are a committed minimalist or a confident maximalist, we have designs that are a reflection of style. One of the most coveted style at PureJewels are short necklaces.

If one were to define the length of a short necklace it would be shorter than a long necklace but longer than a choker. Short necklaces are the perfect balance of style and sophistication.

Our bridal collection for short pretty gold necklaces features designs that will add the extra drama to your special day. The motifs are a marriage of traditional and modern shapes. You can expect to find floral imagery and paisley shapes embossed in 22ct gold. If you have a penchant for the art of enamelling our 22 Ct gold Bridal Necklace is the perfect fit. Our Bridal Set is a minimal dream.

Our necklaces from our different collections – Anusha Collection, Diya Collection, Jali Collection etc. all have designs inspired by the royalty. Each collection has a unique aesthetic. The Anusha collection features designs crafted in rose gold and Polki stones. The Jali collection focuses on the art of filigree. It has intricate details with thin wires twisted and turns set with tiny gold balls to create enigmatic designs.

We also have designs that are minimal with the utmost attention paid to details. Our 22ct Gold Diamond Cut Necklace represents the stroke of a star. It also comes with a matching bracelet. We also have gold short necklace styles that give the effect of multiple necklaces layered.

Our short gold necklace from the Rosette collection comes with exquisite details and an antique finish. The necklace has matching earrings, kadas and a Maang tikka to complete a bridal set.

Whether you want your short necklace to have uncut Polki, enamelling, intricate designs or filigree, we have something for everyone.

When it comes to jewellery there are no rules. We believe that jewellery is a reflection of one’s style and there is no such thing as boring jewellery in the world. We always encourage our buyers to experiment and find out what they love. Ultimately what you love brings the best out of you and your jewellery.

With that said we do have a few ideas that you can try. Short necklaces can always be paired up with long chains or even chokers! Depending on the length on these necklaces, you can layer them up.

Wearing other items of jewellery with your short necklace such as rings, earrings, kadas of similar design can help make it look like a set. For example, you could decide on a theme of antique-looking jewellery and wear items that have an antique finish.

Whether it is wearing only a short heavy necklace or layering it up with more to create a statement look, the choices are endless!