Traditional Asian Gold Jewellery

Traditional Asian jewellery

Asia has a rich history of jewellery design, and it’s a source of great joy.  We are very proud of our heritage and the spectacular tradition of Asian jewellery.  Whether you’re an avid collector or a contemporary fashionista, it’s hard to resist the call of gold and jewels… well, it’s in our blood, isn’t it?

In the past, jewellery has been symbolic part in many landmark events, and even a form of social banking: a gift for a younger person who is setting out in life (getting married or having children), which will give them a reserve of savings… just in case.  For women, it was a sort of insurance policy taken out upon marriage.  These days, things have changed, but we still place a high value on jewellery gifts for many occasions.  Different pieces of Asian jewellery are associated with different traditions, and you’ll find we have paid homage to many of them at PureJewels.

Our favourite pieces of Asian jewellery

Jumkha, Tika, Poncha, Mata Patti, Mangalsutra… Asian jewellery isn’t just rings and bracelets; our ancestors invented a whole collection of extra pieces to wear.  Jump in and celebrate an old tradition in a new way – who said a Mata Patti was only for a bride?  The global jumble of contemporary style means that women wear all their favourite pieces for any occasion; be bold and dress up!

Jumkha: Chandelier Asian style earrings with bell-shaped droplets.  We love a 22ct gold pair of Jumkha for daily wear but on a special occasion these classic Jumkha have sensational Polki diamonds too!  Sigh.

Mangalsutra: Necklace worn by married women, traditionally carrying black beads.  If you’re getting a lifetime piece like the Mangalsutra then pick a fabulous one – we love the new Vinyasa Mangalsutra, inspired by the sweeping curves of the Indian peacock.

Chandbali:  A circular Asian style earring with ancient Indian provenance, although it can look more crescent-shaped.  You can find lots of variations on this design now but our 22ct Gold Chandbali earrings are traditional and elegant.

Tikka:  Classic bridal accessory that is attached in the hair, running along the centre parting, and finishes on the forehead.  Our Polki Tikka is beautifully luxurious.

Poncha: One of those pieces that can (and does) make the transition to event-wear, the Poncha is a bracelet with a Y-shape, which connects along the hand to a finger.  Our 22ct gold Filigree Poncha is perfectly understated.

Mala: A string of prayer beads used by lots of people of different faiths.  Our traditional 22ct gold Mala is a beautiful, spiritually meaningful necklace.

Asian gold for investment

The Asian gold buying tradition has existed for centuries.  We love to amass a secret hoard of gold, which also happens to be a secure investment in the current climate.  You might buy gold bars to keep safely at home; you might buy gold held in a vault somewhere else in the world; or you might buy Asian gold jewellery, and get even more enjoyment from your investment.  A family collection of Asian gold jewellery can become a treasured source of memories: the ring worn every day by your grandfather, the bangle worn by your mother on her wedding day, the gold chain worn when you walked down the aisle yourself.  If you are looking for Asian gold by price or weight, you will be pleased to know that we have specified the gold weight on many of our gold pieces.  Check the details beneath the product image and if the weight has not been recorded, you can use Live Chat to ask us.

Our Asian gold prices are competitive and we also sell fine gold bars, starting at £50 for 1g.

Asian jewellery for brides

Pick and mix to create a special bridal jewellery set for your wedding.  You might wish to include a choker or necklace, bangles, earrings, and a headpiece.  We have several coordinating collections, making it easy for you to assemble a personal bridal jewellery set.  (The polki diamonds in Diya are especially glamorous.)

Wheter you’re looking for traditional Asian jewellery, or Asian gold jewellery with a more modern look, you should make a beeline for PureJewels on your next shopping trip.  Our luxurious London store is the perfect place to browse bridal sets, Indian engagement rings, bangles, and Asian earrings – all the classic pieces, beautifully made.  You’ll want to add a few to your collection before you leave!

Zakat – what is and how to calculate percentage?

What is Zakat?

Zakat is a pillar of Islam.  Springing from the principle that all things belong to God, it is the practice of giving away a portion of your own wealth – an important act of worship.

Through Zakat, millions of pounds are distributed in the UK every year.  It is quite different to tax – Zakat is used for specific charitable purposes, nurturing the poor and sick.

As one of the five pillars of faith, Zakat is an obligation for every adult Muslim.  As soon as you reach the wealth threshold, you must begin paying Zakat – calculated on the same day each year henceforth.  So far it’s simple.

Now the wealth threshold, or Nisab, is a little more complicated.  The Prophet Mohammed set it at a rate that’s now equal to about 87.48g of gold (note that some sources differ by a couple of grams!) and 612.36g of silver.

So at today’s gold and silver rates, you must pay Zakat if you own:
> Gold worth £2727.45 or more (in total)
>  Silver worth £248.01 or more (in total).

But what if your assets are mixed – some gold, some silver, some savings?   Well, you can apply these thresholds, using the current cash value, to work out whether your total assets take you above the Nisab.  Many people prefer to use the lower (silver) threshold… to be on the safe side.

Note that you should use the value of gold and silver on the day you pay your Zakat.  If you’re on the brink then you’ll have to check on the date.

How much is Zakat?

Zakat is 2.4% or 2.5% of your assets.  It isn’t related to your income, which you receive and spend during the year.  It doesn’t include your home or car unless you’ve decided to sell them, which makes them tradeable assets (seek advice if that’s the case).  It DOES include your savings, stocks, watches, and jewellery.  (It also includes any money that you own but have loaned to someone else.)

How much is Zakat for you personally?  You will need to value your possessions (see below) and apply the 2.5% to work this out.

How to calculate Zakat on gold

You calculate Zakat on the day it is due for you personally.  For most people it’s the anniversary of accumulating wealth over the threshold.  To give an example, if you didn’t own many assets (so you were below the threshold) as an unmarried woman, but your assets became worth more than the Nisab on your wedding day, that’s the day you would pay Zakat each year.

Zakat is an individual tax paid by every rational, adult Muslim.  So a married couple – and any of their children who have passed puberty – should calculate their Zakat separately, dividing shared assets.

First, round up your Zakatable gold and silver.  These include your gold wedding ring, gold watches, and silver jewellery (as well as investment gold or silver, if you have any).  Platinum, palladium and titanium jewellery is not Zakatable.

You will need to first calculate a total weight for your gold and silver.  You can weigh any pieces that do not have stones (like diamonds – because stones are not Zakatable).  If you have a piece of jewellery containing contrast metals or diamonds it is best to have this weighed by a jeweller, who can estimate the gold or silver content for you.

Using the weight, you can work out the current value of your gold and silver.  You can obtain an accurate figure for today’s gold and silver rates – and make the calculation online – from the National Zakat Foundation.

If you aren’t confident about doing this yourself, it is simple to bring your jewellery to a trusted family jeweller and ask for a valuation for the purpose of Zakat.

When you have a final figure, you can give your Zakat as you wish – providing it fits one of the categories stipulated in the Qu’ran.  There are UK institutions that distribute Zakat, but you can equally choose a charity that you feel passionately about.  Your Zakat must be given to benefit one of the following:

  • The poor;
  • The needy;
  • Those who distribute Zakat;
  • The work of winning hearts (ie, reaching out to new Muslims);
  • Slaves;
  • Debtors;
  • The cause of Allah;
  • The wayfarer (emergency assistance).

 PureJewels offers jewellery valuations for the purpose of Zakat

When looking for a jeweller to provide a valuation for Zakat, you will want to choose a trusted source.  PureJewels is a three-generation family jeweller on Green Street in London.  We have a loyal family of customers who visit the store for their special occasions, jewellery repairs, and valuations.  We’d be delighted to welcome you to the store and honoured to assist you in the very private and delicate matter of calculating your Zakat.

Childrens jewellery bangles rings and gold bracelets

Giving children gold

Investing in gold is widely approved.  Gold is accepted at central banks all over the world; it has been collected and preserved by humans for thousands of years.  It is universal and timeless – an exceptionally good, long-term investment.

And if you have grandchildren or children, gold is a good ‘insurance policy’ that they can keep and cash if really they need to.  (The fact that you can’t walk into a shop and instantly spend a gold chain adds to the appeal if you’re a parent!)

If your grandchildren or children will inherit your assets, they will be required to pay Inheritance Tax (currently 40%) on anything over £325,000 (figures correct at today’s date).

However, you are able to give tax-free gold and cash gifts of up to £3000 per year.  And if you are hoping to live for more than seven years, you can make gifts worth more – tax-free. (When you die, your “estate” includes any gifts that you gave during the previous seven years.)

While we are not experts on inheritance law, it is clear that it makes sense to begin dispersing your wealth, and give your grandchildren or children gold in small amounts, as soon as you are able.

Should you buy children’s jewellery?

There are advantages as well as disadvantages involved when you buy children’s jewellery.   Children’s gold bracelets remain a solid and much-loved tradition in many cultures.  In the Indian tradition, a gold baby bracelet is believed to ward off evil spirits for a newborn.  A toddler or baby wearing a gold bangle is a beautiful sight – and it lets parents or grandparents lavish their precious child with the adornment that they deserve.  A piece of gold jewellery can become beloved by the child as they grow up a little, too; you may remember a gold bracelet that you adored as a child.  All very good reasons why buying children jewellery is still extremely popular.

But, even if they absolutely love it, most children don’t look after jewellery quite as well as adults.  For example, your 8-year-old could very easily lose her 22ct gold bracelet, which she insisted on wearing, when playing with friends (as was this writer’s experience).  In this case, a gold-plated bracelet might have been more suitable; there is definitely an argument to be made for keeping the children’s jewellery in a vault.

IF children’s jewellery doesn’t appeal to you, or you’re worried about the security of giving a gold bracelet to a 5-year-old, then opt for a gold bar or Silver Tola instead – the child’s parents can safely store these, and you (and others) can add to the collection on every birthday.  A wonderful way to build up a bank of savings for the children to have when they turn of age.


Our collection of children’s gold jewellery

Let’s start with our beautiful collection of children’s gold bangles and bracelets.  We make them in the traditional Indian manner, using a 22ct gold wire threaded with beads of solid 22ct gold and contrasting jet black (following tradition).  These are lovely pieces of jewellery for the baby to wear at a special occasion, and keep safely stored away – maybe for their own baby one day.  You’ll note that we specify the weight for our children’s gold bracelets, so you can be assured of its future value.

If you want to be the person who gives baby their first bracelet, ours are charmingly authentic and beautifully made.  The classic Black and Gold Children’s Bracelet is threaded on a wire for security and is an enduring bestseller at PureJewels.

For contemporary tastes, we have introduced some new designs recently.  Our personalised Rose Gold baby bracelet is incredibly popular – with a warm tone (introduced by a touch of copper in the gold alloy), it’s a really individual piece of jewellery.  When baby grows up, she could have this baby bracelet turned into a personalised gold necklace to wear every day.

Are you looking for a children’s gold necklace or ring?
We don’t keep our entire stock of children’s jewellery listed online at PureJewels.  If you want to buy a children’s gold necklace, contact the store; our solid gold chains can be adapted to the right length (or you can probably get away with a 16” chain for an older child).  Use Live Chat to reach our in-store advisors, who can make suggestions and send you snaps of the children’s gold necklaces that are currently in store.

We are also able to design and produce jewellery on commission.  If you want a special children’s necklace, from toddler to teen, named or set with diamonds, then come into the store for a chat.  Our design team is ready to help materialise your ideas.

Asian Wedding Exhibition 2010

PureJewels to be headline sponsor at Asian Wedding Exhibition

Dates: Sat 20th and Sun 21st November
Venue: Alexandra Palace

PureJewels will be the official headline sponsor at the Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010.

“PureJewels presents Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010” will be the key logo carried by advertising for the event, with media including NDTV, Star TV, Zee TV, Colors and Sunrise Radio.

“We are also taking the AWE more mainstream and have taken advertising on 100 London buses this year” said Yogesh Kanani, producer of the exhibition.

“The Asian Wedding Exhibition caters for our target audience of 24-35 year old young professionals, who are of marriageable age,” said PureJewels’ brand manager Jayant Raniga.

“Although there is a focus on Asia, the event is open to anyone who likes South Asian style.”

The Asian Wedding Exhibition, which takes place at Alexandra Palace in north London, has expanded markedly from its inaugural show in 1993, which attracted 3,000 visitors. Since then the show has grown over consecutive years and attracted some 10,000 visitors over two days in 2009.

The Asian Wedding Exhibition is more than just a show – it is an experience. The event attracts a mixture of people – engaged, single, married, Asian and non-Asian. From exciting fashion shows, skilled henna and beauty artists, creative photographers and designers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“PureJewels’ core products are bridal rings,” Raniga said. “The Asian Wedding Exhibition gives us a first introduction to bridal customers.”

PureJewels will present six engagement and wedding ring collections at the Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010 – Passion, Honesty, Grace, Virtue, Honour, and Adoration.

PureJewels is a Platinum Guild Recommended Retailer for 2010/11, and a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths. PureJewels has also been recognised in the ITP Professional Jeweller Hot 100 list this year as one of twenty retailers in the UK.

Contact: Jayant Raniga on for further details

Click for Asian Wedding Exhibition

London Jewellery Week Announces Jaguar Cars as Official Sponsor

London Jewellery Week 2010, which will take place from 7 – 13 June in venues across London, and the Green Street Jewellers’ Association (GSJA), today proudly announce Jaguar Cars Ltd as official sponsor and Luxury Transport Partner. Jaguar, already synonymous with stunning design, innovative thinking, and contemporary luxury, will join the celebration of London as a world leader in jewellery design and production, and as a first class retail destination, for a range of events across the capital.

Jaguar, currently celebrating 75 years of looking forward, will weave endless magic around the capital during London Jewellery Week as fleet of all-new Jaguar XJs transport VIPs including jewellery designers, television personalities, actors, musicians, Bollywood stars, and other London faces to launch parties and cornerstone events.

In addition Jaguar will co-host bespoke events and a jewellery exhibition at the Jaguar Boutique in the Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge, to launch the Green Street Jewellers’ Association’s Discover Jewellery magazine. Jayant Raniga of the GSJA and Director of London Jewellery Week 2010 said “We are incredibly pleased and proud that Jaguar Cars Ltd, such an icon of design excellence and innovative thinking, are supporting the GSJA and London Jewellery Week as official sponsor and Luxury Transport Partner. We can achieve something very special through this partnership, for this year and beyond.”

Daljit Jagait of Jaguar Cars Ltd said “The attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship that goes into designing and producing Jaguars means there is logical tie-up with the luxurious, skilled, bespoke jewellery trade.

“We are delighted to be associated with the Green Street Jewellers Association / London Jewellery Week 2010 and look forward to being involved in what promises to be an exceptional event.”

The all-new Jaguar XJ will be used to ferry high-profile guests to the official London Jewellery Week launch event at Goldsmiths’ Hall (7 June) and then showcased at the Hatton Garden Festival (12 June), and at Treasure, the visionary jewellery exhibition (11-13 June). Details of a competition to win a Jaguar Track Day will be announced shortly also.

Through its commitment to London Jewellery Week and London’s jewellery industry, Jaguar supports the GSJA’s efforts to raise the profile of Green Street as a lively jewellery quarter in the capital. Located in the heart of Newham, Green Street has been a traditional centre for the trade and is fast becoming a top shopping destination for exquisite fine jewellery and wedding jewellery.


About London Jewellery Week 2010

A group of cornerstone jewellery events will form the basis of the London Jewellery Week activities, encouraging visitors to experience London’s jewellery quarters and celebrate its design diversity. Further events, including gallery exhibitions, retail receptions, open-studio events, seminars and catwalk shows, will entice every jewellery lover.

Following successful events in 2008 and 2009, the industry has come together to take up the reins of London Jewellery Week having secured funding from the London Development Agency via the Fashion Sector Investment Plan. Key industry participants have already indicated their intention to get involved with the London Assay Office, British Jewellers’ Association, National Association of Goldsmiths, the Gemmological Institute of America and a host of others joining the cornerstone event organisers.

A new London Jewellery Week website will be launched shortly to build enthusiasm and promote the programme of events. For more details and to sign up for updates please see

PureJewels becomes Prestige Partner of London Jewellery Week 2010

LONDON, April 2010 – PureJewels, a prominent retail jeweller in the Green Street jewellery quarter in east London, has become a Prestige Partner of London Jewellery Week, underscoring its strong support for the event which will showcase British jewellery talent.

London Jewellery Week, which will take place from June 7-13, will celebrate London’s unique position in the world of jewellery design and production, and as a retail destination.

PureJewels will take an active role to support London Jewellery Week, by launching its Platinum Heritage Collection, featuring the work of six talented UK designers, and supporting the launch of the “Discover Jewellery” print magazine, which will raise the profile of the South Asian retail jewellery community on Green Street.

“The fact that we wanted to be established as a jewellery quarter on Green Street is a prime reason why we wanted to be on board with London Jewellery Week as a Prestige Partner,” said PureJewels’ brand manager Jayant Raniga.

“Our role as a Prestige Partner highlights PureJewels’ commitment to the success of London Jewellery Week.”

As a Prestige Partner, PureJewels will have a prominent listing on the London Jewellery Week (LJW) website with images and logo, and will feature in official LJW marketing.

PureJewels will also be showcased at the official London Jewellery Week launch party at Goldsmiths’ Hall and will be included in the advertorial of the Evening Standard’s ES Magazine.

For further information, please contact:

Jayant Raniga
290 – 292 Green Street | Forest Gate | London | E7 8LF
Tel: 020 8471 6070

London Jewellery Week 7 – 13 June 2010
A citywide celebration of London’s creative excellence.
Discover London’s rich jewellery scene through a diverse
programme of events including launches, seminars, fashion
shows, prize draws, receptions, street fairs and more!

Information about PureJewels

PureJewels is devoted to the extraordinary pleasure of jewels: yesterday, today and tomorrow. This contemporary brand has its roots firmly in another time – and another world.

The story of PureJewels began in Nairobi, Kenya in 1950, with an indian jewellery designer, Bhanji Gokaldas, who made his name creating exquisite, bespoke pieces for the local elite. Twenty-five years later in 1975, he was tempted by the bright lights of London – and brought his own distinctive sparkle to a new country, eventually settling in Green Street.

Home to a multicultural community in East London, Green Street is the perfect place for PureJewels’ spacious new store, offering an unrivalled collection of contemporary and Indian-inspired jewels, from bespoke solitaires to bangles laden with diamonds

Newham jeweller highly commended at business awards

LONDON, December 2009 – Newham jeweller PureJewels was highly commended in the Retailer category at the Thames Gateway Business Awards 2009 and was commended in the Business category.

The awards, run by Archant media group in association with HSBC, took place on November 6 at the art deco inspired Troxy banqueting hall in east London.

The abundance of entries for the awards, which encompass businesses in southeast and east London, Essex and Kent, was overwhelming, organisers said.

“We’re delighted to receive the commendations. The awards made us look at our business in a more critical sense, and made us look at areas where we can develop our business further,” said PureJewels brand manager Jayant Raniga.

“These commendations give us recognition across boroughs in the Southeast, one of the most progressive regions of England. They give us more credibility from a client perspective.”

The awards had a record number of entries, from restaurants to graphic design companies, from sole traders to big companies with hundreds of employees.

As well as Retailer and Business, PureJewels was shortlisted in the Technology, Community and Customer Service categories.

Separately, the British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce has granted an award to Jayant Raniga for his contribution to business in Newham.

“Whilst there are many other strong candidates, the institute recognises your contribution as a businessman and entrepreneur, as a member of the Green Street Jewellers’ Association (GSJA), and your contributions to supporting students within Newham,” said Kelvin Jones, head of international relations at the body.

Jayant received his award at a dinner at the Institute in Newham attended by over 100 people on December 15.

“It was a great honour for us to have been recognised for our contribution to local business,” he said.

The GSJA groups jewellers in Green Street, Newham, who offer a mix of Eastern and Western styles.

The branding effort of the Green Street jewellers is focused on developing business opportunities before the 2012 Olympics, which will take place around east London.

Green Street jewellers are currently staging a draw with a £3,000 cash prize for the winner.

It is the first time that a prize draw has been offered by a group of retail jewellers in Britain.

Shoppers will receive a ticket for every £250 spent in participating Green Street shops. Each ticket will be entered in the draw. The draw runs until December 31.

Press enquiries:

Jayant Raniga, PureJewels, Tel. 0208-4701221,

The British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce Award

Technology body gives award to PureJewels executive

LONDON, December 2009 – The British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce has granted an award to PureJewels’ brand manager Jayant Raniga for his contribution to business in Newham in east London.

“Whilst there are many other strong candidates, the institute recognises your contribution as a businessman and entrepreneur, as a member of the Green Street Jewellers’ Association (GSJA), and your contributions to supporting students within Newham,” said Kelvin Jones, head of international relations at the body.

Jayant received his award at a dinner at the Institute in Newham attended by over 100 people on December 15.

“It was a great honour for us to have been recognised for our contribution to local business,” he said.

The Green Street Jewellers’ Association groups jewellers in Green Street, Newham, who offer a mix of Eastern and Western styles.

The branding effort of the Green Street jewellers is focused on developing business opportunities before the 2012 Olympics, which will take place around east London.

Green Street jewellers are currently staging a draw with a £3,000 cash prize for the winner.

It is the first time that a prize draw has been offered by a group of retail jewellers in Britain.

Shoppers will receive a ticket for every £250 spent in participating Green Street shops. Each ticket will be entered in the draw. The draw runs until December 31.

Platinum Guild Awards PureJewels Recommended Retailer Status

THE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFERED AT PURE JEWELS has been recognised by Platinum Guild International. The Green Street jeweller, which received a rating of 80% by the Guild’s mystery shopper, has been awarded the coveted title of Platinum Guild Recommended Retailer, 2009-10.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT The award was made after an assessment was carried out by a mystery shopper. Stepping into the newly-renovated, flagship store on Green Street, the shopper awarded 100% for their first impression. Pure Jewels’ in-store advisors secured another 100% for their warm and helpful customer service.

30 YEARS OF EXCEPTIONAL PLATINUM The Platinum Guild International has been working with exceptional retailers for 30 years. Its ‘mystery shopper’ programme independently assesses platinum retailers who have been recommended by a customer.

The Guild’s aim is to provide information and advice to jewellery buyers and sellers. The Guild is committed to improving the experience of buying platinum, promoting the work of designers who create in platinum, and giving consumers expert guidance on buying.

PURE JEWELS – AT THE HEART OF GREEN STREET Green Street is a renowned jewellery centre, with many global designers choosing to site their showrooms here. But Pure Jewels, which also operates Silver Statements and Bees on the same street, is becoming a hot-spot for local designers just as much as shoppers. “Our work with local graduates of Newham College has produced some interesting collaborations,” explains Jayant Raniga, who manages showroom space at Pure Jewels. “We’re pleased to offer emerging designers the opportunity to have their work put on display.” This gives the store a diverse range of collections – from classic platinum wedding rings to contemporary pieces from young designers. So visitors to the store can now enjoy original exhibitions – as well as the renowned customer service they’ve come to expect from Green Street’s premier Platinum jewellery retailer.