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Bangles and their essenceThe name Bangle has been derived from the word ‘bungri’ which means glass. It is believed that glass bangles tend to bring safety and luck to one’s life. Bangles fall in the category of wrist ornaments, and basically are rigid and circular structures that beautifully enhance the wrists of the wearer. Bangles [...]Continue Reading
The joy of opening a jewellery box and discovering a beautiful piece bought with consideration and thoughtfulness is an experience that imbues a simple gift with deeper meaning. In this guide, we hope to provide you with inspiration and ideas to help you purchase a jewellery gift for a loved one, friend or colleague that [...]Continue Reading
Plating is the process of coating the surface of a metal with another metal to serve diverse functional objectives and creative purposes. In this process of plating, the object that is being plated or coated is called Substrate or Cathode while the other metal that the substrate is being plated with is known as Anode. [...]Continue Reading
Chains have been part of the jewellery wardrobe since ancient civilisations. The Egyptians wore gold chains because they believed it would ward off the evil eye. They also wore gold chains because they associated them with power and status. These gold chains would be worn with amulets and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, emeralds et [...]Continue Reading

The name ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin ‘granatum’ meaning pomegranate, due to how the crystal resembles the seeds of this delicious fruit. It was said that the jewel possessed the ability to illuminate even the darkest of rooms, and it is written that Noah used the gem to light the inside of the ark.  A […]

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Renowned artists Paul Klee remarked, “Colour possesses me”. We believe in the same sentiment, especially if they are colours of a gemstone. Known for its dazzling hues, tourmaline was once believed to aid medical conditions. The unparalleled colour range of tourmaline makes it an ideal companion for designer gemstones and a substitute for the big [...]Continue Reading

 A curated guide to everything about sapphires Anita Loos very fondly remarked, “A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever”. History has been a testimony to the allure of a blue sapphire gemstone. It was a 182-carat cabochon-cut sapphire, nicknamed the “The Bombay Star” that […]

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Guide to Invest in Gold In the greek mythology Midas’s Touch, King Midas is granted a wish. He decides to ask for - anything that he touches, should turn into gold. It is very evident from a greek myth also that gold is precious. Gold has always been an epitome of wealth and security. Gold [...]Continue Reading

What is a carat? How many carats are in gold? How big is a one-carat diamond? In this master style, we explain the difference between gold and diamond carats and help you to understand the meanings of each. What is a carat? If you are jewellery shopping, you may have seen the word “carat” used […]

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How To Measure Ring Size Ring shopping? Lucky you! Here is how to measure your ring size for an accurate fit. Are you planning a surprise proposal? We have some tips for measuring for ring size in secret, too. Here’s all the information you need to measure and choose the correct ring size. Because you [...]Continue Reading
What is a hallmark? What is a hallmark? How do you read silver hallmarks? Does gold plated jewellery has a hallmark? Whether you identifying an old piece of jewellery or looking for quality assurance as you buy a new piece, read this feature first. This article will answer your questions about hallmarks on precious metals. [...]Continue Reading
Here we cover the history and importance of the Tola, from its origins to its ongoing use and significance today. We’ve also commemorated the Tola with our own collection of silver Tola coins, to cherish as beautiful gifts, collector’s pieces, or a traditional investment in the immutability of precious metals. What does Tola mean? A [...]Continue Reading