Jewellery and gift ideas for every mum on every budget?  We’ve got this!  Reach out to PureJewels to help you find the best gift ever.  Our top Mothers’ Day jewellery gifts are all here: we’re sure you can’t make a mistake with one of these dazzlers…

Make Mum’s Day

This Mothers’ Day, jewellery makes a comeback.  It’s been years since your Mum pulled up your socks for you.  But you know she’s still at the end of the phone whenever you need support – even if it’s the middle of the night.  This year we’re celebrating Mums in grand style.  Choose from our sensational Mothers’ Day jewellery, and have it engraved as an extra special touch.

Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

For Indian mothers, our earring cabinet still has an irresistible attraction!  If your mum is never seen without earrings, she’ll definitely love a new pair.  Choose from some of our bestsellers on these pages – or come into the store to browse our vast collection of Indian earrings.

Personalised Mothers’ Day jewellery

This year, we think you should make it special.  Instead of turning up for lunch with the standard pot plant, present a pair of gold earrings this Mothers’ Day.  Our bespoke engraving service transforms a piece of gold jewellery into a sentimental treasure.  Your mum will be thrilled that you’ve spent the extra time choosing words and waiting for them to be beautifully engraved.

Personalised jewellery for Mothers’ Day – your options

There are lots of pieces of jewellery that can be personalised for Mothers’ Day.  From earrings to necklaces and bracelets, many have a small space suitable for the words in your heart.  Our calligraphic Rose Gold bracelet is laser-cut for a 3D effect – suitable for a name or one word.  We have earrings with blank discs just waiting to be engraved.  Come in or open Live Chat to enquire, especially if you’re looking for something particular.

Mothers’ Day charm bracelets

A charm bracelet makes a fabulous gift for Mothers’ Day, especially for a new mum.  You can add more charms as the years pass – and our gold charms can be engraved, so new family members can be added to her special piece.

If she’s not the charm bracelet type then choose a different Mothers’ Day bracelet – engraved or strung with gold beads, or even inlaid with diamonds.  We have dozens of bracelets for you to discover, from bangles to elegant heart-decorated chains.  Choosing cubic zirconia can help to keep the cost down (with sensational, diamond-like sparkle).

Mothers’ Day pendant necklaces

Our Jali pendant necklaces, in 22ct gold, have been Mothers’ Day bestsellers for years.  They are crafted from 22ct gold but lightweight and affordable (from £125).  Choose a heart, teardrop or star – the style is distinctively Indian, but the pendant is beautifully modern and suitable for any occasion.  Of course we have dozens of other pendants, from gorgeous cocktail pendants strewn with topaz and amethyst, to the triple-heart White Gold pendant (poignant for mums who’ve welcomed their first baby!).

Mothers’ Day – special collections you have to see

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all our Mothers’ Day jewellery.  Why not let us do the hard work?  If you open Live Chat, you’ll reach an in-store advisor who will ask questions and help you to shortlist choices and find the perfect piece of jewellery for your Mum (or wife).  We can even help you with engraving or repairing her favourite piece.  If you want to dive in and explore online, here are our favourite collections for our favourite women:

1 – Vinyasa.  We designed this collection for strong women – it has a theme of pr000ide and beauty.  It’s a modern reimagining of the classic Indian peacock motif, with an assertive gaze and sensual curves.  And you can choose the gold colour AND stone, making your Vinyasa piece even more special.

2 – Floralia.  For the modern, romantic woman.  In the luxury budget, Floralia is a showcase of modern design and exceptional goldwork.  It twines and curls like the stems of night jasmine, with a romantic feel and shimmering aqua.

3 – Jali.  A signature, classically Indian set to collect and inherit.  Jali features intricate goldwork in recognisable Indian styles, like bangles and Jumkha earrings.  It’s perfect for Mothers’ Day or any occasion, especially if your mum has a big celebration to attend this year.  Jali is made in finest 22ct gold.