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Ripple chains are inspired by the rippling or wave pattern of water bodies. They are designed to mimic the look of this pattern, thereby creating interesting patterns. The advantage of a ripple chain is that it looks heavy but is lightweight. The chain pattern gives it an expansive look. These chains are popular for men and women due to their versatility and eye-catching appearance. They can be worn on their own as a standalone accessory or paired with pendants or charms to create a personalised look. You can either wear these independently or use multiple ripple chains to create a layered look. The layered look will allow for a more maximalist style. The heavy look of the chain also makes it a perfect companion to be worn with multiple pendants.

Our ripple chains are made in 18ct and 22ct gold. They feature yellow gold tones as well as white gold tones. If you would like your ripple chain to be in rose gold, you can reach out to us. We also have them in different lengths and thicknesses. These ripple chains also make for perfect gifts for other occasions. All our jewellery comes in presentation boxes, making it suitable for gifting.

Ripple chains are fashionable for those seeking a unique and elegant jewellery piece. Their distinct wave pattern adds a touch of visual interest and sophistication to any outfit, making them a popular option for formal and casual occasions.

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