Baby gold bracelets
Give your baby the perfect start to their jewellery collection.  Our baby bracelets are made from fine, 22ct gold in traditional Indian style.

Choose 22ct gold…
You could buy a baby bracelet in 9ct gold or even silver but, for us, it had to be the best.  We chose 22ct gold for our baby bracelets, complemented by design details like glossy rhodium plating, ridged beads in gold, and jet black beads.  Baby bracelets comprise the child’s earliest jewellery collection, and may be passed down between generations – so we’ve opted for a classic design that will age gracefully.

Baby bracelets from £150
Our fair prices mean that you can buy a baby bracelet in 22ct gold for as little as £150.  It makes a beautiful gift for a new baby, presented in a signature PureJewels box.  If you’d like to come into store, you’re very welcome to make an appointment with us and view the baby bracelets in person.

Here are some of our baby gold bracelet favourites:

Our classic baby bracelet:  The Night & Day baby bracelet features glossy, midnight beads to contrast against the 22ct gold.  It’s the starter point of the collection but the detailed goldwork and miniature sunbursts give it a luxurious finish.

A bit different:  A later addition to the collection, the features tonal beads… for the chic and stylish family.  Go dark with the Midnight baby bracelet, in deeper tones for more contrast.

Go for gold:  The Sunrise baby bracelet is a minimal design with more gold, and just a sparse handful of black beads, for a simpler, elegant finish.

… Or a bit more bling:  This extra-sparkly Sunburst baby bracelet features ridged beads and rhodium plating to create an unusually twinkly effect!

For more personal advice, try our Live Chat facility, or call our store to make an appointment.

22ct gold bracelets for children
If you’re looking for something different to what’s online, please call for an appointment.  PureJewels is an established family jeweller.  We are accustomed to special requests and commissions and we are trusted by many families when their jewellery needs repair.  If you’d like a child’s bracelet made in a bigger size, or you’d like an existing baby bracelet to be adapted or resized, come into the store and talk to us.  We can create unique pieces of jewellery or make something from the collection in the right size.