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Rosette Collection 22ct Gold Kada Bangle22ct Gold Bangle for Bridal  | Size 2.4 | Rosettes Collection

Rosette Collection 22ct Gold Kada Bangle


FAQ  Gold Bangles

Gold filled bangles in other words are solid gold bangles that are not hollow from inside. These gold filled bangles can be crafted in 14K, 18K and 22K gold. Originally bangles used to be crafted in solid gold and further carved and embossed throughout the surfaces. Although with the constant spikes in gold price, jewellery making processes started evolving and instead of solid gold bangles, karigars started crafting hollow by solid-looking bangles. When a piece of jewellery is made in gold from the very beginning or has been carved out of gold thereby making the base metal of the jewellery gold that is when it would be considered to be Gold filled jewelry made entirely in gold.

Bridal Gold Bangles Come in both styles. Solid gold bangles are carved out from scratch in gold and further detailed with embossing, engraving and other jewellery making techniques, on the other hand, gold plated bangles are crafted in other base metals and further coated with a layer of gold in the thickness of one’s desire. Therefore, if the bangle has been crafted in a different metal, that is if the base metal in which it has been crafted is not gold but is silver, brass or any other metal, which is further just coated with an additional and very thin layer of gold, it would be recognized as gold plated bangle.

Nowadays it is very easy to tell if the bangles or other jewellery products are crafted in actual gold or not. Normally all gold jewellery products have a purity mark on them. One can easily spot the “Gold hallmark” sign on the back side of all jewellery pieces including bangles to determine the purity of metal that has been used. In case you cannot find this mark on the inner side of your bangle, you can take it to a jewellery assessor to ascertain if it has been crafted in gold or not.

There are several reasons why gold bangles bend easily. The most common reason behind bangles bending and getting de-shaped easily is because of the structure that has been hollowed and is almost with no support structures. The other most common reason behind the frequent bending of bangles is the softness of metal in which it has been crafted. For example, purer the gold higher is the malleability and higher are the chances for the bangle to bend.