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16” 22ct gold chains by PureJewels
There is certainly a place for the showy, statement piece in your jewellery collection.  But if you want a versatile necklace that goes with anything, take a look at our 16” 22ct gold chains.

The foundation of style
A 16” gold chain can be worn alone beneath a blouse; styled up with a statement pendant; or used as the first chain in a layered set.  This length is elegant and feminine, resting on the breastbone.  It is easy to wear with any neckline.  This, our shortest length gold chain, is a good choice for younger women and girls too.

Choose between the classic box, curb or rope chains. Or pretty-up your 16” chain; a Fancy or Ripple chain is more decorative.

Add to your 16” gold chain
You may wish to add to your gold chain, and we have a diverse range of pendants to explore.  The 2018 Vinyasa collection features a peacock motif with your choice of precious stone.  Or you could consider a gold chain with decorative accents, like the Polki Diamond chain or a Sparkle necklace.  Enjoy styling your new gold chain, and please share your snaps with us on social!