Indian Gold jewellery – 18ct and 22ct

Let your love shine!  Here you’ll find plenty of gold jewellery that she’ll remember forever.  Does she prefer glowing yellow gold, or contemporary white gold?  Some of our favourites include the White Gold Hearts pendant and the Hearts 22ct Bracelet, but you’ll find lots of other fabulous choices on purejewels.com.   We have been creating and curating our jewellery collections for over 40 years, ever since our Indian founder Bhanji Gokaldas established his studio in London.  Today PureJewels is an award-winning jeweller with a distinctively Indian style.

Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets

Gold is yellow, rose gold is pink,
Choosing a ring is easier than you think!
Are you planning a proposal this year?  Take her breath away with a PureJewels ring.  Most of our engagement rings are designed in-house and always with a subtle Indian influence.  She’ll fall head over heels in love with The Mughal (gorgeously romantic) or Bombay Deco Halo (for art deco style).  If you’re artistic, you can even consult a designer and customise your own ring!  Visit our spacious London showroom to discover the PureJewels collection of glamorous engagement rings and – if you’re not popping the question – show-stopping cocktail rings.

Tips for giving rings

If you’ve chosen a beautiful ring, it is worth giving careful thought to the presentation.  If you order at PureJewels then we will gift-box the ring for you.  You might build up the surprise by planning a special trip or a date – perhaps to a place that was important to you or to her.  A good way to create a memorable story is to involve friends and family; you could even set a treasure trail, or arrange a romantic night in and attach the box to your dog’s collar with a ribbon!  However you give your ring, we know that jewellery becomes more beloved when it’s given to mark an occasion, so make the memory special.

Choosing a necklace

Our collection of necklaces includes beautiful heart pendants, gold chokers, and traditional Mala necklaces for married women.  We specialise in Indian techniques and you’ll find necklaces featuring Kundan settings and Filigree gold.  Currently very fashionable, Polki (uncut) diamonds can be found in several of our designs, including this Polki 22ct Gold Necklace.

Choose the jewellery you’d like to buy, and we’ll reserve it for you and help you to save.  There’s no commitment and no pressure – if you change your mind during the year you can ask for a full refund, or if you want to buy it sooner you can!  It’s perfect for saving up for an investment piece, or an engagement ring.  Come in or LIVE CHAT to find out more.