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Jhumka earrings are Indian earrings which feature a bell-shaped drop. They’re traditionally found in the bridal jewellery set. Of all the traditional Indian earrings, Jhumka earrings are probably the most readily identifiable. They are cultural classics that show no sign of dimming in popularity.

Our jhumka earrings collection probably forms the biggest department in the shop. Indian earrings, especially 22ct gold earrings, are widely worn and collected. They make perfect day-to-day accessories, valued special-occasion wear, and wonderful gifts. Small, beautiful, and affordable – a pair of 22ct gold earrings will probably be the most-worn piece of gold in your jewellery box!

For dressing up, a glamorous pair of 22ct gold Jhumka earrings is irresistible. They add an air of splendour and regality to your ensemble. Jhumka earrings come from an era when women were known to adorn themselves with abandon – lavishing pearls, diamonds, and 22ct gold on every limb and lock. Jhumka are delightfully decadent and joyful; these earrings are not for the shy!

PureJewels has been creating contemporary Indian gold earrings for almost 50 years and has become the best-loved Indian jeweller in London. Our Jhumka earrings are crafted from 22ct gold; some feature pearls and intricate gold filigree, and some are set with uncut diamonds.

At the top end of the collection, you will find 22ct gold earrings with stones. You can choose a decadent pair of Jhumka earrings that twinkle with organic, uncut diamonds; our Anusha, Armari and Diya collections feature the lavish use of Polki diamonds, which have become contemporary favourites.

If you’re looking for something less statement-making than a pair of Jhumka earrings, don’t be afraid to ask. PureJewels carries plenty of traditional Indian earrings in all shapes and sizes including gold hoops, gold studs, and all kinds of 22ct gold earrings with stones. If we don’t have what you were hoping for then please ask! Our in-house team is able to adapt many pieces of jewellery to meet your special reques

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