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One could easily get lost into a Raja Ravi Varma painting. The details are always executed with such precision, that reality does not seem far away. The sensible aesthetics painted to reflect everything that he saw, observed, into a tangible piece of art. Apart from the apparent beauty of the ladies he painted, there are always hidden details lingering around for the viewer, waiting to be noticed. When you study his paintings, you inevitably study the jewellery painted in it. You will find each of the women, whether in sorrow or happiness, wearing a male style necklace.

The term “Mala” refers to the Sanskrit word garland. Traditionally malas were strings with rosary beads in it. These were usually meant to aid one in prayer or meditation. A traditional wedding garland that the bride and groom give each other is also known as a mala. Although malas made out of rudraksha beads and other material are still in use, the core design of a mala has inspired male style necklaces.

A mala style necklace is a necklace that follows a frame of a garland and has beads or bead-like structure made out of metal. Depending on the weight and design, these mala necklaces can be worn on weddings or other occasions.

PureJewels features designs for every occasion. We believe that jewellery should express one’s individuality. Our collection of mala gold necklaces is a testimony to it.

Our mala style necklaces are crafted in 22K gold. While we have the ever classic necklaces in yellow gold, we also have a stylish male necklace finished in rose gold. The slightly pink overtone adding charm to the design. These gold mala necklaces are available in different sizes. Fine handcrafted filigree work, crystal beads, gold chain with balls, are just some of the elegant characteristics of these necklaces.

If you are a bride and looking for something for your special day, we have you covered! Our Mug Mala Bridal Necklace, inspired by the motifs of Jali, or a lattice-like structure, is a classic go-to piece.

Mala style necklaces offer a canvas for ideas to be styled. A classic way of styling your mala necklace is by stacking it up with other necklaces. Make sure there is sufficient space between them. You can always mix the gold tones of the necklaces.

To further accentuate the piece, you can wear a choker and different sizes of mala necklaces. The trick is to make it look like one big piece of jewellery. This adds drama to your wardrobe.

If you are not sure about the sizes, you can always come to the store and check what works best for you.

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