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Yes! Absolutely yes. At PureJewels we believe that jewellery is an extension and reflection of one’s style. There is no rule in the history book that says gold necklaces cannot be worn with silver earrings. Even if there was a rule, remember some rules are meant to be broken and this one definitely is. Our necklaces do have matching pieces of earrings and rings to form into a complete set. However, if you fancy wearing silver earrings with a gold necklace, by all means, you should.

You can buy gold name necklaces from our website directly or by booking an appointment with us and buy it in the store.

For online shopping – we offer free and secure delivery. All our products are delivered securely and require signing in. We do not store your card details. We also have a 14 Days money-back guarantee and exchange policies.

If you would like to come in person to our store, you can book an appointment prior. We are located in Newham. To further make it more convenient, we have collaborated with Ainsworth Jewellers in Blackburn who are our retail stockists. You can book an appointment with them as well to view our gold name necklaces.

Our gold name necklaces can be made in different tones of gold. The calligraphy is done by our in house designers.

One can wear a gold necklace in the shower but it is not advisable to do so. Gold necklaces with gemstones under no circumstances should be worn in the shower. The reason that one should not wear gold necklaces in a shower is that it gets exposed to chemicals and abrasives. This can reduce the shine and polish of the gold. Cleaning supplies will have that effect. Not only shower but gold necklaces should not be worn in swimming pools or seawater as well. Especially if your necklace is made of rose gold as the copper will corrode faster, leaving behind a very dull necklace.

The monetary value of a gold necklace differs from each piece. At our atelier, we offer gold necklaces for all occasions. While some are minimalist beauties, the others are a maximalist dream. Some of the necklaces are embellished with gemstones, diamonds and uncut Polki, while others are fashioned only in gold. As the design varies, the value of the gold necklace also varies. Our gold necklaces’ range starts at £ 850. Our gold chains start at £ 180. We also undertake bespoke commissions. Again, the value of this would completely depend on your design.

Authentic Indian design is in our genes. PureJewels was founded by jeweller Bhanji Gokaldas, who emigrated from India 40 years ago. His jewellery workshop eventually became the jewellery store at the heart of an Indian community in London. Today, it’s a destination store for Indian brides and jewellery lovers. It’s still run by the Gokaldas family, who assure you of a warm welcome!

Choosing your 22ct Gold Necklace Set

Are you getting married? A 22ct gold necklace set is an essential part of bridal attire at a traditional Indian wedding. But these days you needn’t be restricted in choice; you can mix and match to create your own, unique, set of jewellery. Do you prefer a long necklace or a choker? Dramatic Jhumka or delicate stud earrings? We encourage you to select your own Indian gold Jewellery set. If you’re wondering which pieces look good together then ask us over Live Chat! You’ll be connected to someone in the store who can make recommendations.

Shopping for a gift? An Indian gold necklace set makes a fabulous gift for almost any woman. The Jali 22ct Gold Filigree Necklace is a simple, everyday option with classic Indian design and a more casual look. But many of our sets are designed with grandeur and opulence, just like the Mughal originals. The 18ct White Gold Diamond Heart pendant has been a favourite on social media. It’s designed with three interlocking hearts, so it’s perfect for a couple who have just become parents. If you’re looking for something stylish then explore our Diya collection – festooned with uncut diamonds, it’s wonderfully luxurious.

Making Indian gold jewellery in London

At PureJewels we have our own exclusive collections – and we have a network of jewellery-makers who create and finish our pieces by hand.

Every year, the PureJewels design team creates Indian gold necklace sets collections inspired by Indian culture and history. That may be an Indian motif (like paisley or the Indian peacock) or architecture (like Art Deco). Inspired by Indian elephants, palatial gardens, and Mughal originals, we create contemporary jewellery that is true to our roots.

22ct Indian gold necklace sets uk

We love to use authentic Indian jewellery-making techniques like Kundan (a type of gold setting that seamlessly surrounds the stones) and Meenakari (Indian enamelwork). Recently we’ve been making more necklace sets with polki diamonds – the uncut diamonds that have become extremely popular.

If you’d like to commission a unique piece then give us a call. Our jewellery team can help to realise your vision – using a motif, a stone, or an old piece of jewellery that is important to you. Wherever your life journey takes you, commemorate it with jewellery: we’re here to help you do it.

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