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Ek Onkar, also written as Ik Onkar, is a sacred and fundamental symbol in Sikhism, representing the religion’s central tenet. It can be translated as “One God” or “There is only one God.” The phrase is composed of two words: “Ek,” which means “one,” and “Onkar,” derived from the Punjabi language, referring to the formless, all-pervading, and eternal divine force. Ek Onkar embodies the belief in the unity and oneness of God in Sikhism, emphasising a single, all-encompassing, and universal creator that exists beyond all forms and names.

Part of our religious pendant is also the Ek Onkar pendant. Our Ek Onkar pendants are made in 22ct gold. Some of the designs of Ek Onkar pendant use enamel, while some use a rhodium finish. These Ek Onkar pendants can be worn day to day or also only on occasion.

Wearing an Ek Onkar gold pendant allows devotees to keep their faith close to their hearts, constantly reminding them of the omnipresence of the divine and encouraging a life of humility, love, and compassion. Apart from their spiritual significance, these pendants also showcase a blend of cultural heritage and artistic craftsmanship, making them religious symbols and cherished pieces of jewellery that can be passed down through generations. Ek Onkar gold pendants are treasured accessories that enable Sikhs to proudly display their faith and carry the essence of Sikhism with them wherever they go.

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