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Michael Kors believed accessories to be the exclamation point of a woman’s dress. Jewellery pieces which are conversation starters are always unique. A statement piece is often an extension of one’s thoughts and design aesthetics. Wearing statement pieces, or fancy pendants, are equivalent to wearing work of arts. Every piece has a story to it. Every iconic person has a piece of jewellery that they are remembered by. The fancy pendants at PureJewels celebrate the thought of wearing pieces because they make a statement and stand out. Wearing these pieces is about the celebration of life and experiences that come with it.

Alongside our range of daily wear pendants, we also have your fancy range of pendants. These aesthetically appealing pendants will suit your special occasions and definitely make them more memorable. We believe that jewellery, is made to be passed down. We have a range of unique styles of jewellery pendants. These designs express individuality and have something for everyone.

If you have an affinity for yellow gold, you can opt for our 22K fancy pendants. Our 22K filigree pendant is from the Jali collection. Delicate lines, coiled together in a floral motif, this pendant is an exquisite piece. Our Vinyasa collection draws inspiration from the majestic peacock. Celebrating confidence and art, these unusual gold pendants are available in different tones of gold. Studded with a diamond, the peacock pendant can be made in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Our twin peacock pendant comes is another striking piece with sleek metal mountings to consider.

Our unique style of jewellery pendants also features heart inspired pendants. These aesthetically appealing pieces make for a perfect anniversary gift as well as a Valentine gift. These fancy pendants of lasting value are crafted out of 18K with white gold. The unusual gold pendants are embellished with striking diamonds following minimal designs.

In this range you can also find our 18K diamond pendant in white gold, 22K yellow gold pendant with a rhodium finish, 22K yellow gold pendant with CZ stones embellished, and 18K white gold flowered diamond pendant. All these pendants have been inspired by elegant floral motifs.

If you don’t want to stick to the traditional white or yellow gold, you can always go for rose gold. Our 18K white gold diamond rose heart pendant, has diamonds set in it. This piece is an elegant two-tone piece. Rose gold’s colour is achieved by making changes in the alloy added to yellow gold.

As part of the platinum heritage collection initiated by PureJewels, you can discover our range of unique platinum designs. Platinum is one of the strongest and rare precious metals. Known for its shimmering glow, it is easy to clean and maintain. Within our range, our Platinum Diamond Venus Necklace is an example designed by the renowned Cindy Dennis Mangan. This piece was inspired by our founder’s journey over the oceans. It makes for a memorable gift, destined to be adored forever.

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