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At PureJewels we believe that jewellery is a universal yet personal experience. Our collection of Indian gold earrings showcases earrings of different styles such as stud, hoop, drop, and jhumka earrings. These earrings have been inspired by multiple nuances. They have been crafted with comfort and style as priorities. When it comes to jewellery, there are no rules. Our designs make use of not only different tones of gold but also different finishing. Some earrings are sleek and modern, while some have a dreamy antique finish to it. Some are embellished with diamonds and uncut polki, while others are crafted only in metal. Whatever the occasion or style, we have you covered!

Cleaning gold earrings is a convenient task that you can do it at the comfort of your home. All you need is warm water, mild soap or detergent, and a toothbrush. Gently scrub the brush over all parts of it. Remember to remove the post and clipping from the earring while cleaning so that you get a higher area to cover. If you are wearing earrings on daily basis, it is recommended to clean them once a month.

You can also bring it to us to get it professionally cleaned. At PureJewels we offer additional services as well. We undertake cleaning and polishing requests.

Cleaning diamond earrings is similar to cleaning gold earrings. However, be aware to not use chemicals that you are not familiar with. The easiest way is to soak your diamond earring in soap water for twenty minutes and then clean it with a brush. Diamonds tend to attract oils from our hands while handling them. Whenever you are wearing your diamond earrings or removing them, make sure that you are not touching the diamonds. Diamonds accumulate grease if you touch them. At PureJewels we offer cleaning and polishing services. It is recommended to get diamond earrings cleaned professionally every six months.

Most of the time, instead of being allergic to the metal gold, people are allergic to nickel in it used as an alloy. Alloy is often added to gold to achieve the desired strength. This is also the reason why you won’t see diamond gold jewellery made in 24Ct gold. At PureJewels we use high karat gold – 18Ct and 22ct. This reduces the chances of being allergic or expecting a reaction from nickel. It is highly unlikely to be allergic to gold however if you do get a reaction you can return the item to us within the time frame and we will offer a refund.

18ct and 22ct gold earrings with a whisper of old India

Choose 22 Carat Gold Hoop Earrings Indian Design. The tinkle of a jhumka, the charm of chand bali, gold round earring, or the subtle shimmer of gold studs for women in India have always understood the magic of earrings. They draw attention to your smile and glow against the skin, and many of us would never be seen without a pair!

PureJewels is a specialist in classical and modern Indian jewellery. In the 1970s, our Indian founder Bhanji Gokaldas landed in London. He brought a wealth of Indian design technique and history with him – Bhanji had been a skilled jewellery-maker for many years. It’s something we are determined to preserve. So you’ll find traditional pieces as well as well-designed new works in our gold earring collection. Two things unite the diverse range: one, the best metals – we use a lot of 18ct gold and 22ct gold as well as white and rose gold – and two, a sharp focus on good design. PureJewels today collaborates with brilliant designers, as well as keeping a strong in-house design team, and is securing a reputation as London’s top Indian jeweller.

22 carat gold earrings – Earrings, Hoops and Studs

Designs are influenced by classic Indian jewellery, architecture, and illustration. So you’ll see a pair of earrings inspired by a Maharani, alongside a pair of white gold studs designed by renowned female designer Cindy Dennis Mangam. While the signature Indian Jhumka and Chand Bali earrings are still popular for wedding guests, our modern gold studs are perfect for everyday glamour.

Browse the collection, or come into our beautiful showroom, and discover why Indian jewellery is envied all over the world!

Which Indian 22ct gold earrings should you choose?

If you’re choosing a gift for someone, then start by looking at their favourite earrings. For someone who loves big, showy chandeliers, we have plenty of options – a signature Jumkha is a beloved Indian favourite! If she works hard then a pair of gold studs will be practical and easy to wear, and we have studs in yellow gold and natural white gold – or decked out in diamond or zirconia for maximum sparkle. Gold hoops are well-loved in East and West and they can be elegant enough to wear almost anywhere. If you want to see the whole collection then pop into the store, where an advisor can help to give you personal advice. If you’re not able to come in, here’s our guide to classic Indian earrings!

22ct Gold Hoops and 18ct Gold Stud Earrings

For five days a week, stud earrings are the practical way to indulge your earring addiction. Choose from our luscious jewel-laden studs, with diamonds or cubic zirconia, or a simpler pair – perhaps in white gold – to express your weekday style. Gold stud earrings are the foundation of our collection, and your jewellery box. Start with 22ct gold studs and you are also making an inheritance to pass along one day…

22ct gold Indian hoop earrings

If you love to wear hoop earrings, you deserve a pair in 22ct gold – Indian style. 22ct gold is around 90% gold (only 24ct is 100%), which is the highest grade of gold that you can reasonably use to make jewellery. That’s the reason it is chosen for landmark gifts, investments, and inheritance jewels.
Our gold hoops have an Indian flavour. They’re lavish, stylish, and gorgeously crafted from 22ct gold. If you’re looking for an elegant, simple pair, then use Live Chat to find out what else is in the showroom.

Indian Jumkha earrings in 22ct gold

We love Jumkha! It’s a very old Indian design in the chandelier style, with a bell-like pendant. Jumkha earrings have lots of shimmer and movement, and they’re associated with happy events and parties.
You’ll find plenty of choice here, because we have been travelling the East to find the finest 22ct gold Jumkha earrings in traditional and slightly more contemporary styles.
Looking for something completely different? Our design team has been busy creating new collections, so follow us on social media to see all the new gold earrings uk before anyone else…

Choose Indian 22 carat gold earrings today

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