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Occasions that demand a celebration are the best kind. These occasions are the perfect time to showcase one’s style. Style is often an embodiment of one’s personality. Occasional wear jewellery is made to showcase glamour and style. Rings are the perfect accessories to portray a little drama and fashion. Whether it is a formal occasion, a traditional occasion, or a relaxed party, our collection of occasional wear gold rings offers choices to compliment your outfit for every occasion!

At PureJewels we are committed to providing you rings for all occasions. Our range of occasional wear jewellery focuses on designs that are traditional as well as contemporary.

Occasional wear gold rings from our collections of Vinyasa, Diya, Anusha, and Aramari are all inspired by different themes and traditional Indian motifs.

The Diya collection focuses on occasion wear rings inspired by the illuminating light of a diya/candle. The pieces are fashioned in 22K rose gold and yellow gold. Adding more beauty to these pieces are the uncut polki stones embedded in it.

The Anusha collection draws inspiration from the morning rays of the sun. The occasion wear gold rings from this collection are all rooted in vintage designs and luxury.

The Vinyasa collection is a representation of the majestic bird Peacock. Highlighting the bold strokes of a peacock and its graceful curves, the pieces reflect strong imagery of elegance.

We also have rings in precious stones such as Ruby and Sapphire. Our pear cut sapphire ring and oval cut ruby ring both surrounded by diamonds, have a minimalistic approach to design. Our dress diamond ring is another piece embracing the minimal and elegant design principle and is perfect for an evening out.

Occasional wear gold rings make for excellent companions for any type of occasion, whether formal or traditional. These occasional wear gold rings are made not only in yellow gold but also in rose and white gold. You are also spoilt for choices to choose from diamonds and other gemstones.

The body is a canvas for delightful pieces of jewellery. There are various ways to style occasion wear rings. You can wear multiple rings in different fingers for a bold look. To give a more contemporary look you can wear pieces of different tones of gold.

Another way to style them up is by wearing similarly themed gold bangles or kadas. These little details can elevate your entire look.

If the occasion is more formal, one should opt for minimal designs. If it is a traditional function or wedding or festival celebration, one should always go for bigger pieces.

While wearing occasional wear rings one should not spray cologne or perfume on them. It can take away the shine of the piece. Store it in separate pouches and dry areas. To clean the ring, one can use mild soap water and warm water. One should always be careful while cleaning rings with gemstones.

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