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For cleaning high valued and precious metal jewellery, it is always advised that they are cleansed with a gentle jewellery cleaner made specifically for the particular metal that your jewellery has been made in, for example, rose gold jewellery should be cleaned with a gold jewellery cleaning solution that can be ordered online.
In case that is not an option for you at the moment, using mild soap and warm water is also a great way to do the same. All you need to do is make a mild solution of warm water and a gentle soap. Further, you gently scrub the rose gold jewels using your fingers and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

Rose gold is a precious alloy metal and jewellery made in rose gold is gaining popularity lately. Rose gold is an alloy that comes into its form when pure gold and copper are combined together. The blend of these two metals changes the colour of the final alloy along with the purity of gold and therefore the karats. The most commonly used alloy of rose gold is 18k rose gold, it consists of 75 per cent pure gold to 25 per cent copper.

To increase the life of your rose gold jewellery pieces, it is important that you take good care of these baubles to keep them maintained. To avoid fading or getting any scratches on them while keeping the newness of these jewels alive, we would suggest you wipe down rose gold plated jewellery after every wear with a soft jewellery cloth. It ensures the gentle removal of oil and dirt that can cause it to fade and restore its shine.

Rose gold is an alloy that comes into its form when pure gold and copper are combined together. It is generally nickel-free, therefore, there are very rare chances of your skin reacting to it. This makes rose gold safe for piercing. Although you must take into consideration that if you have a very rare copper allergy or silver allergy, or an exceedingly rare gold allergy, it might not be safe for you to get your piercings done in rose gold. 

Yes, why not? There is no rule book that tells you to pair certain jewels with others. One must diversely style and experiment with differently toned jewellery for a more cohesive look. Silver and rose gold tones are the two most modern-looking tones. They look beautiful when worn independently and look even more gorgeous when combined together. Due to the inclusion of copper in rose gold, the colours compliment each other quite well as the deep yellowness gets displaced. Wearing silver and rose gold together creates a classic look but in the end, it is really a personal preference.

Again that really depends on your personal preferences. There is no rule book that tells you to pair certain jewels with others or certain jewels with certain apparel, it is all relative and based on your style choices. You could wear silver tones, yellow-toned or even rose gold jewellery with your rose gold dress, as long as it makes you feel good and confident. So to answer your question “what to wear with rose gold jewellery”, we would suggest you find your personal style that makes you feel comfortable and in touch with your inner self, ace that personal style with amazing jewels and rock your look!

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