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Gold bangles have been worn since ancient times and not just as wrist accessories but as significant pieces with great traditional importance. Just like all Indian jewellery pieces, bangles too have a history behind them. They have always been integral parts of the daily lives of women and have been passed on through generations as heirlooms. Today, daily wear gold bangles for women come in diverse styles and structures like haath phools, kadas, gokhrus and more

The name bangle is derived from the word “Bangri”. Bangles are circular accessories that are traditionally worn around the wrist. Bangles were worn by both men and women during early times and now can be seen majorly worn by women. Different kinds of bangles have different designs and can be worn along with different attires. How one wears and styles bangles differs from person to person, occasion to occasion and from one attire to the other. Some designs are crafted in a way that they look subtle and can be worn on a daily basis and others are heavier and bold that are suitable for occasions. Depending on the design and occasion, you could stack them along with each other or even style them independently. Gold bangles look delicate, intricate and majestic when styled well. Just like simple everyday gold bangles that women style with casual Indian wear, heavy kadas or gokhru designs are mostly styled along with heavy traditional saris.

Gold bangles are beautiful and add just the right amount of bling to your look but only when they are meticulously designed and crafted by gifted craftsmen. Therefore, when choosing gold bangles or even other gold jewellery pieces, it is essential that you buy only from trusted jewellers. At Purejewels, we take pride in the fact that all our designs are creatively visualized by our team of talented designers and are further crafted by our most experienced karigars in the purest possible form. Every detail of the design is beautifully carved out and all aspects of the precious jewels we craft are transparently disclosed and well detailed in the description along with high-resolution images that are true to the actual products. For us at Purejewels, building a transparent relationship with our clients is most essential in order to have a long and fruitful association. Therefore, we suggest you buy gold bangles from trusted names, both online and offline.

Gold bangles are traditionally significant and women have been cherishing and passing them on through generations as heirlooms. As per age-old Indian traditions and customs, normally the women used to wear 21 bangles, some women even used to wear in sets of 7, 9 or 11 bangles. The sizes of these bangles reduce towards the wrist and extend towards the lower arm so the set fits conveniently. Today if we look at gold bangles, all of them have a different story behind them and a unique design that determines how many bangles would look good when worn together. Some have the power to strike a statement even when worn singularly, others can be worn in pairs in a casual manner, furthermore, a few can be stacked and worn together in a way that they complement each other.

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