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Gold Sees Brief Dip Below $2,000 Amidst Delayed U.S. Rate Cut Prospects and Economic Indicators Gold prices briefly fell below $2,000 per ounce for the first time in two months in mid-February before later recovering ground and hovering just above this key support level, weighed by expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve (central bank) may […]

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Celebrating Love! While the historical origins of Valentine's Day are yet to be confirmed, they are often associated with Saint Valentine, who lived during the Roman Empire. Over time, this holiday has been a day of celebrating love marked by exchanging cards, flowers, jewellery and other gifts. Today, Valentine's Valentine's Day is celebrated to express [...]Continue Reading

Gold Prices Surge to 10-Day Peaks Amidst Speculation of Record Highs in 2024 Gold prices hit 10-day peaks in mid-December and were up 1.2 percent week-on-week, boosted by market sentiment that the U.S. interest rate hiking cycle was over and that rates could start falling around spring 2024. Signals from the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) […]

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Hedging Against Uncertainty: Gold Prices Surge Amidst U.S. Rate Hike Speculations and Geopolitical Tensions Gold prices traded near two-week highs in mid-November, with sentiment growing that the U.S. rate hiking cycle may have come to an end, auguring for a constructive price outlook for non-yielding bullion. A softer U.S. dollar and weaker U.S. Treasury yields […]

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Jewellery finds its roots as old as the Neanderthal living in Europe. Since then, humanity has evolved into not only different materials but also different production techniques. Throughout history, we have seen the development of new production techniques that have helped create beautiful adornments. Each production technique results from years of innovation to achieve a [...]Continue Reading
How to Clean Gold Jewellery the Right Way Gold jewellery is a timeless accessory that can make any outfit look glamorous. Still, taking care of your gold pieces properly is essential to keep them looking shiny and beautiful for years. Properly cleaning your gold jewellery is easy, but there are some steps you should take [...]Continue Reading
A Guide to Die Stamping The art of adornment can be traced back to the stone age. Over time, not only did the variety of materials expand, but the manufacturing technique also improved. New inventions led to the application of the same machinery to produce other products. One such example of this is the die [...]Continue Reading