Wedding Rings & Bands

Indian bridal jewellery is an important part of every Indian wedding. And if you’re looking for authentic Indian engagement or wedding rings then PureJewels – London’s most prestigious Indian jeweller – is your first destination. It is crucial to choose these pieces properly – and that, of course, is why you are here at PureJewels – Green Street Jewellers.

We are always thrilled when a couple attends an appointment to choose an Indian engagement ring.  It is an honour to become a part of their journey, and creating a ring that encapsulates their love is what PureJewels does really well.

Ever since Bhanji Gokaldas set up his small studio in 1970s London, we’ve had a presence in the capital, serving generations of the same families who have come to respect our values.

Indian engagement rings, naturally, begin with a truly spectacular diamond.  To select these, we work with the world’s top cutting centres and refine the choice by eye.  Every diamond is hand-chosen not just for the four Cs (colour, clarity, carat and cut) but for its proportions personality.  Each diamond is special, boasting exceptional lustre or fire that sparkles straight out of the box.  Your engagement ring is off to a great start!

Browse our collection of Indian diamond engagement rings, and discover the lavish, decadent PureJewels style.

Our in-house designers create most of our engagement rings, choosing a romantic theme such as the Lotus flower or the Royal elephant.  Then their imaginings are wrought in beautiful 18ct gold, 22ct rose gold, or platinum – and finished with a truly exceptional diamond.  You are very welcome to come in and choose your diamond (or different stone) as every ring is made to order.  What could be a better start to your life of love?

Whether you are looking for a glamorous Mangalsutra fashioned in rose gold, a shimmering diamond bangle, or a sensational wedding ring or any wedding jewellery, come in and browse (or talk to us – in person or via online chat). Indian bridal jewellery is a beloved tradition and we love to serve brides, recommending or designing exactly what they have in mind for the big day.

The Mangalsutra is an important Hindu tradition and is still beloved by many brides.  Once tied around the bride’s neck, the Mangalsutra might be worn forever.  It is believed to offer protection and fertility.  Bridal mangalsutra are traditionally black and gold, although contemporary versions often include decorative elements.

As well as a Mangalsutra, you will probably want to wear some other pieces for your wedding day.  If you want classic Jhumka earrings, a richly decorated choker necklace, or a traditional headpiece, then come directly to PureJewels.

Among our huge collection of wedding jewellery, we carry a range of wedding rings designed by Christian Bauer, some featuring diamond details, many featuring textured artwork, and all extremely distinctive.

The rest of our collection is exclusive to PureJewels and we have developed a broad selection of Indian wedding ring styles to suit our customers.  The question is… do you want to match or complement one another?  Choose a design that suits both personalities, or pick out completely different wedding rings in the same metals.  Whether you’re looking for a modern band with a simple decoration, or a glamorous ring festooned in diamonds… just ask!