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Here at Purejewels, we understand just how difficult it is to design the perfect ring. A good ring has to strike a balance between its aesthetic appeal and the need to be lightweight and elegant. While larger rings are available, we believe that smaller, more focused pieces far better show off the quality of the materials and jewels that we use and lend themselves better to the Indian design principles that we strive to follow.

Our 22ct Gold Ring is a fantastic entry level piece for first time buyers. The gold has been intricately shaped so that its structure forms a series of patterns which evoke traditional Indian motifs.

We have many pieces in our range of 22 carat gold rings and each one features breathtakingly elegant and delicate designs. Small gold and silver beads are used to give definition to each ring’s geometry, each piece encapsulating a unique elegance.

Our Rose Gold Diamond ring matches perfectly with others within the collection, or as a solitary item. The ring is made from 18ct rose gold and studded with 0.54ct diamonds. It features a miniaturised version of the diamond encrusted rose centrepiece that features on the complementary bracelets.

We offer three distinct luxury rings; two of these are made using blue sapphire and aquamarine set in to a silver and 18ct rose gold ring, one weighing 6 grams, the other 12. The last of our luxury pieces is our Peridot and Ruby Ring which is also set in a silver and 18ct rose gold ring.
All of the rings we sell at Purejewels are infused with the design principles that our company has valued since its founding. Every curve and every accent has been placed with precision to embody the patterns and geometry of traditional Indian ring design. 

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