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Congratulations. You’re at the start of a beautiful journey! We’d love to help you choose a perfect wedding ring that will be truly special to you. You’ll find plenty of our 22ct gold wedding rings on these pages. Narrow down your choice and then use Live Chat if you have any questions. When you’re ready to order, come into the store – or you can also use Live Chat for this part too – to pick your size and find out if it’s in stock. It’s a good idea to start choosing your wedding ring well in advance of your wedding.

The properties of white gold depend majorly on the properties of other metals and the proportions in which they have been combined with yellow gold. White gold chains and other jewels are typically made from a gold-palladium-silver alloy or a gold-nickel-copper-zinc alloy. Nickel.
White gold chains are made generally from the non-nickel alloy since nickel sometimes causes allergic reactions and rashes. This is also the reason why white gold with nickel content is looked down upon amongst most jewellers and isn’t acceptable in the majority of countries.

22ct Indian gold rings is a traditional and prestigious choice for wedding band rings. It is the finest grade of gold for jewellery and possesses a natural glow that’s unbeatable.
If you’d love some extra sparkle on your finger, consider 22ct gold wedding ring with diamonds – lined up around the edge, the middle, or scattered around the band. Or, as an alternative, choose 22ct gold wedding ring with a white gold or platinum highlight. This type of wedding ring works beautifully with any colour of jewellery!

PureJewels is an Indian family jeweller and our design is influenced by classical Indian jewellery. Today our collections fuse contemporary design with this whisper of ancient India, which gives us a point of difference from other prestigious London jewellers. If you’d love to celebrate your ancestry and culture with a wedding ring which has an Indian story, then PureJewels is your destination store.

The characteristics of Indian gold wedding rings

Explore our collection of 22ct gold rings. Indian tradition features a diverse range of designs and styles. In fact, many of today’s popular jewellery techniques emerged in India, so you’ll find our collection is both historic and contemporary. We use different textures and contrasts to create Indian wedding rings of the finest quality. Indian wedding band rings are traditionally bold, statement-making pieces in 22ct gold (because only the best gold will do). Modern versions feature geometric patterns or stripes in contrasting platinum. Indian wedding rings are now worn by both men and women, and they are usually seen as a subtle status symbol. As this piece of jewellery is worn for a lifetime, it’s worth taking your time in choosing it!

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