Rosettes Collection

Rosettes is designed to unite the African violet, Indian lotus and English rose – representing our rich heritage and diverse ancestry.  The result is a wonderfully feminine, lavishly detailed rosettes collection that’s perfect for bridal jewellery and landmark occasions.

The historic flavour is intentional.  At PureJewels we believe in a united world.  Our founder, Bhanji Gokaldas, was an ambitious jeweller who migrated from India to Africa with dreams of creating bespoke 22ct gold jewellery for the upper echelons of society.  Eventually his ambition brought him to London, where he set up a modest version of the PureJewels atelier.  Although he was inspired by antique gold Indian jewellery, he found his store ended up diversifying to sell watches and contemporary jewellery to suit the local Indian society.

Today our customer base is broad and diverse, just like we are.  PureJewels still draws inspiration from the Indian antique gold jewellery designs that Bhanji once sketched.  But we innovate the genre, redrawing ancient motifs and returning to original techniques to create our fabulous contemporary pieces.  We’re always returning to the story of our roots – and this led to the concept for Rosettes.
Indian antique gold jewellery designs
We wanted to create a special collection celebrating a richly diverse heritage – not just ours but yours too.  So our designers pored over pictures of Indian antique gold jewellery, read about the techniques favoured when Bhanji began, took elements of artwork from the three continents in our journey, and blended them together into something truly beautiful.

Rosettes features the intricately entwined stems of the African violet, Indian lotus and English rose. Delicate, pure, and velvet-scented: rosette jewellery captures the joy of femininity, which is universally beautiful. Rosettes is just perfect for a special occasion, and we hope it becomes equally special to you.