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A wedding band is a ring exchanged during the wedding day. This is different from an engagement ring which is used for a proposal. Often wedding bands are simpler and may or may not contain a gemstone or a diamond. At PureJewels we craft our wedding bands out of platinum and gold. We also are also stockists for the renowned Christian Bauer. Wedding bands come in various styles such as eternity bands, infinity bands, et cetera.

The price of wedding bands primarily depends on the metal used, metal purity and diamond or gemstone used. At PureJewels we offer a selection of wedding bands that are crafted in gold (18ct and 22Ct) and platinum. If you choose to add in a diamond then the cost of a diamond depends on the cut, clarity, colour and carat (weight) of the said diamond. Our wedding bands start from £413.

A gold wedding band’s monetary worth depends on the weight of metal and the fineness of metal used. If the band is studded with diamond or gemstone, the cost of it is also added. The cost of the diamond will depend on its carat (weight), colour, cut and clarity. Our gold bands start at £450.

However, the sentimental value behind a wedding band cannot be measured in numbers. It is something intangible and definitely worth more than all the diamonds and gold put together.

Wedding days are one of the most significant events in a person’s life; as such, when the day comes, we put a huge amount of effort and expense into making sure that every aspect of it is tailored to our heart’s desire.

Finding jewellery worthy of such a big occasion is a challenging yet integral facet of the wedding experience. Selecting the right set of rings can be a nerve-wracking decision; one is often spoiled for choice when trying to select the perfect ring out of the multitude of designs that are available.

Here at PureJewels, we offer a selection of rings to suit couples with any preferences, whether they delight in a traditional taste or a more contemporary aesthetic.

Our Christian Bauer platinum wedding rings incorporate playful design into their elegant aesthetics. These silver wedding rings are differentiated by the texture around their edges, and by use of platinum or palladium.

For those who want something with a little more sparkle while being restrained and focused in design, we also offer Christian Bauer diamond wedding rings. These rings encapsulate the same high-quality platinum and palladium, but with an assortment of tiny diamonds that create a beautiful sparkling band wrapped around the central body.

For those who want something that stands out even more, we have the yellow gold Christian Bauer wedding ring, adorned with 59 cut diamonds. The subtle combination of gold with diamonds is a trademark of our work and this piece embodies it wonderfully.

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