Choker Necklaces


22ct Indian Gold Choker Necklace22ct Indian Gold Choker Necklace

22ct Indian Gold Choker Necklace

22 carat Gold Bridal Necklace22 carat Gold Bridal Necklace

22 carat Gold Bridal Necklace

22 Carat Gold Wide Jali Choker Necklace 22 Carat Gold Wide Jali Choker Necklace 

Miuccia Prada once said, “Fashion is an instant language”. Fashion trends change over time. The most exciting part is, changing fashion brings back old trends as well. A testimony to this is the choker necklace. These necklaces are adorned closer to the neck and are shorter as well. Choker necklaces are bold adornments, making a statement. Choker necklaces are the embodiment of elegance. Gold choker necklaces have been a popular choice among brides and women.

Every piece of jewellery is a conversation and reflection of style. Our gold choker necklaces are extremely detailed pieces, crafted to perfection.

Our choker necklaces are show off detailed craftsmanship. While one is a three-layered choker necklace with red CZ stones studded in small motifs, the other is a stiff necklace inspired from the pattern of leaves enclosing together. We also have a choker necklace embedding the elegant structure of a Mangalsutra pendant, embellished with CZ stones. Our cocktail gold 22K choker is a popular item amongst women. This piece has coiled structures, with textures polished in rhodium.

PureJewels takes great pride in its designs for bridal jewellery. A gold choker necklace is a perfect accessory for a bride to wear on her special day. These bridal chokers are all crafted with traditional and elaborated Indian motifs. The striking yellow gold is a perfect canvas for the intricate flowers and paisley shapes. You can expect to find filigree designs, textured neckpieces, and pendants that use CZ, diamond or Polki stones.

The Anusha collection, emulating the sunrise suggests delicate filigree and rich tones of gold. Crafted in 22K gold with rose gold finish, these pieces are chic and take a contemporary look. Adding to the grace of the pieces are the uncut Polki stones. Matching earrings are available for the gold polki choker necklace. The other piece from this collection is a choker necklace with a pendant with gold balls cascading down the necklace. The› pendant is a marriage of paisley and floral motifs with synthetic stones.

Pieces from Jali pattern are made with fine intricacy. The Jali collection consists of filigree work. Filigree work is done by drawing the metal into thin wires and then twisting it into the desired shape and soldering it. Filigree work requires highly skilled craftsmanship. This is an old traditional technique. Filigree pieces are classic designs and forever in style. These pieces are handcrafted in 22K yellow gold.

The Armari collection choker necklaces embody the spirit of commitment and passion for excellence. Inspired by the empowering, gilded armour, the manufacturing technique is a marriage of old and new methods. Heavily detailed and precise, the pieces are sure to add a charm to your outfits.

As the name suggests, Diya collection draws motivation from the light of a floating candle. Each piece is an example of elegance with attention to detail. Diya plays with irregular Polki diamonds.

Whether it is for your wedding day or another occasion, choker necklaces are a must-have item. They are versatile and can be styled in a lot of unique ways.