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Jewellery has always been a personal way of expressing oneself. Its sentimental value grows along time. The existence or the need for jewellery varies from person to person. Some view it as a fashion statement. Some view it as a good option for investment. Some view it as purchases that bring joy. Some view it as tokens for love. While the sentiments behind a purchase of a jewellery piece may vary, everyone has an inclination towards it. This inclination is motivated by multiple reasons; whether monetary or sentimental. Whatever the reason is, it is no secret that a piece of jewellery brings joy.

Our For Whom-When page suggests you jewellery ideas for different occasions and people. As the names suggest – Children’s Jewellery, Teenager’s Jewellery, Women’s Jewellery, and Men’s Jewellery, have been categorized accordingly. We have included pieces that are relevant to that particular age group or gender.

Anniversary gifts include a range of lovely pieces that you can gift your significant other to make a milestone. Nothing like a precious item of jewellery to proclaim one’s love on an important occasion.

Our wedding gift collection involves items suitable for wedding gifting. You will find pieces fashioned in 22K gold. These pieces involve everything that one needs for their wedding day. Elegant earrings, graceful kadas, and the classic mangal sutra are just some of these. These pieces draw inspiration out of traditional Indian bridal jewellery. Striking pieces of Intricate filigree work and traditional Kundan work are to be found here. Although these designs are rooted in tradition, they are also modern that last the test of changing trends.

Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts are two of our popular categories. Growing up, parents make lots of sacrifices for their children. While they will always cherish your love for them, there isn’t a better way to show your appreciation to them by gifting them a piece that will constantly remind them. After all, just like your love, let the appreciation be set in gold.

Whether it is Christmas or Diwali, we have you covered for both the beautiful festivals. These designs in their own right are exquisite and graceful. These design pieces can be worn throughout the year. You can also look to gift silver and gold coins during these auspicious occasions.

Like other holidays or milestones, Valentine’s day is also a chance to show your never-ending love towards your partner. Maybe the right time to pop a special question as well.

At PureJewels we understand the need for each piece to be personal. Gifts are personal items. To further elevate our gifting game, we can customize your gift. We can always adjust the size as required. We can also engrave a name or special phrase into your required piece of gifting.

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