Rosette Armari Glow Meenakari Jali Filigree Pearl Diya Vinaysa

Rosette Collection

Celebrating life’s achievements with elegance and grace.

Rosettes Collection 22ct Gold Chain | 4.5mm | 18.5 Inches
22ct Armari Necklace | Antique Style Haar | 26 Inches

Armari Collection

Unleash your inner strength, be fearless with gleaming gold accents.

Celebrating Journeys

Glow Collection

Radiate with the shimmer of Chilai, unique glow-enhancing technique.

22ct Gold Meenakari Bridal Earrings | Meenakari Collection

Meenakari Collection

Infuse tradition with vibrant hues through the art of painting on metal with powdered glass.

Jali Filigree Collection

Experience the beauty of intricate wire work inspired by timeless motifs.

Pearl Collection

Stay grounded and adorned with the natural allure of freshwater pearls and gold.

Preserving Heritage

Diya Collection

Illuminate your inner light with the natural brilliance of uncut diamonds and Polki, honoring your authentic self.

Vinaysa Collection

Dance in the rain with the vibrant spirit of the peacock-inspired designs.