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A wedding is a special occasion. In the most literal sense, it is a union of two special people. We do believe that every day is special, but weddings are definitely more special. Wedding jewellery is always bought with consideration. The Indian bridal jewellery set compromises of many lovely pieces. It is not limited to a dazzling necklace or decadent earrings. One of these regal pieces is a Bridal Tikka or a Maang Tikka.

The word Maang is an Indian word that means the beautiful junction of the partition of hair. A Bridal Tikka is a long and slender piece of jewellery worn in the parting of the hair and onto the forehead. The piece usually consists of a beautiful motif that rests on the forehead, with an elongated chain for the support that is fixed in the partition of the hair.

A Bridal Tikka symbolises many things. It is a symbol of the alliance between the bride and the groom. Some say it wards off the evil eye. The Hindu tradition also believes that it grants one wisdom as they enter a new chapter of their life.

Although the piece itself says “Bridal” Tikka, the Bridal Tikka can be worn at functions and ceremonies by women regardless of being married. It is a perfect accessory that is a combination of drama and elegance. If you are looking for that added oomph! a bridal tikka is going to be the perfect adornment.

PureJewels was established all the way 55 years ago. Although we might be living in the west, we are still very rooted in our eastern traditions.

In our product range of Bridal Tikka, you will find the tikka inspired by beautiful traditional motifs. We have always been drawn to the design aesthetics of being vintage and contemporary both in nature.

Our Armari Collection is 22K Indian Bridal Gold jewellery collection that is an embodiment of our values and design sensibilities. We believe that although you have to move on with time and adapt, you must not lose roots in regards to your tradition. Our Bridal Tikka from the Armari Collection features a delicate piece of synthetic Polki stone. It is a bridal gold tikka with serene antique finish and set in Kundan.

If you are looking for something more traditional with the same level of elegance, our 22K Gold India Bridal Tikka is the one for you. Delicate circular motifs encircling the piece, it is sure to add that little drama. Like our other Bridal Tikka, this one is also adorned with an antique gold finish.

If you cannot decide between which one you would like to go for, you can always contact us for help.

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