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Decorated with divine designs featuring Lakshmi, Ganesh and Krishna – our unique Silver Tola is a beautiful piece of art in its own right.

The ‘Tola’ is a historic unit of weight from South Asia. Our PureJewels Silver Tola weighs 11.7g and is struck in London. Every Diwali we launch a new design for our Tola collection. It is a delightfully nostalgic and personal collector’s piece in 0.9999 silver. This year, the Silver Lakshmi coin was a Diwali favourite.

Like gold bars and silver bars, silver coins make sensible gifts or investments. The value of silver is globally recognised, so it will always be a source of security. Gold coins or silver coins are also good gifts to keep aside for your grandchildren; not so long ago, precious metals were considered the safest way to insure for the future. So a coin collection is not a frivolous asset. It is something to be admired and enjoyed right now, and stored for future heritance.

Our customers love PureJewels silver coins – in 1 Tola and 1 oz. weights – for special occasions like Diwali. They are affordable and beautiful, perfect for giving to close family and dear friends. We have begun a tradition of new designs for Diwali every year, making it easy for you to collect our silver coins. Our Silver Lakshmi coin, Silver Ganesh coin, and Silver Tola are all hugely popular choices for gift-giving.

To find out more about our silver coins, open Live Chat – you can reach an in-store advisor who will be happy to help.

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