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Every culture has its own way to signify the tying of a knot that involves a form of a jewellery piece. Like wedding bands, in India, the item used is called a Mangalsutra. It is a long chain with golden and black beads in it. After the ritual of Saat Phera (or taking the vows by the fire), the groom ties the chain on the bride’s neck. It is a symbol of a married woman. The wife wears this until the death of her husband. During the olden days, this chain would be made out of threads dyed a yellow colour. In today’s age, people wear mangalsutras jewellery made out of gold.

The significance of it varies throughout India. Some believe it to be a union of husband and wife. The black beads in mangalsutra are supposed to protect the couple from the evil eye. The term mangalsutra is derived from the Sanskrit word “Mangal” which defines the ideas of prosperous and blessed. The word “sutram” means a cord. A Mangalsutra is an amulet representing the union of two souls, and them promising to take responsibility for each other.

For your bridal day, we have all the ornaments that you need. We carry mangalsutras for daily wear and occasions as well.

Our range of daily wear mangalsutras are aesthetically appealing and practical for a busy life.

Our 22K yellow gold mangalsutra comes in various styles. The black beads in it are placed significantly to add more grace. While some contain black beads stringed together in a row and then parting for a gold chain, the others have an entire row of black beads in them. The contrast of black against the yellow gold makes the piece even more alluring. These daily wear mangalsutra are available in various lengths and weights.

Often Mangaulstras come with a small bowl like a pendant. This is called a Vati. Usually, either one or two of them are chained together. It is supposed to bring good vibes. Our 22K gold mangalsutra has two “vatis” with beautiful engravings which are rhodium plated. Between these two bowls, are three CZ stones placed representing the union of Shiva and Parvati.

Our 22ct Indian Gold Mangalsutra takes inspiration from the planet Mars which is also called mangal in India. The planet of Mars is known for harmony and balance. This piece is a striking piece with a golden ball for pendant representing planet Mars and the sentiments attached to it. It is beautifully fashioned with an antique look.

Our pendant styles are quite popular in the mangalsutra jewellery range. The chains with black beads come together royally to give form to a pendant. These pendant designs have been inspired by the heritage and aesthetics of India.

In recent years, mangalsutra jewellery with diamonds has become popular. Our 18K yellow gold mangalsutra makes for a delightful piece. The diamonds are embellished in perfect harmony to resemble a petal. If you are keen on white gold, our 18K white gold mangalsutra makes for a perfect purchase. The black beaded chain has a circular diamond pendant, with the diamonds running along with the shape. This is a spin on the take of eternity ring.

The most important thing while buying mangalsutra jewellery is to make sure the chain is the perfect length. The perfect length is for it to be as close as possible to the heart.

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