Gold Bars in UK


Are you looking for a gift that will last? Investing in gold bars or gold coins has been popular for centuries. The universal and timeless value of precious metals makes them a wise and steady investment.

Gold bar prices or gold coin prices do fluctuate with the price of gold, but gold is a finite commodity that is valued all over the world. As such, it is an asset that will always be saleable. In Indian culture, gold and jewellery were once the only assets that a bride was permitted to keep in the event of a marriage break-up. So her gold collection was considered a form of life insurance. During the days before centralised banking, buying and storing gold was an important way to save, a tradition that many Indian people still value today.

Our gold bars are 24ct (999) gold.  They are supplied in a credit-card-sized package, so they are very easy to store safely.  Our gold bars are made by Argor-Heraeus and Baird & Co (London).

We also carry 24ct gold coins from the East India Company, which manufactures its own limited editions that have become collectible in their own right.

Gold bars and gold coins make excellent gifts for people – especially the person who “has everything”!  They are sensible and long-lasting, to treasure now and pass on to the next generation.  They do, of course, offer security in case of financial turbulence.  All of which makes a gold bar a truly thoughtful present for anyone, at any occasion.

If you have any questions about buying gold bars online or about gold bar prices then just open our Live Chat – you will reach an in-store advisor who can answer your queries. Remember that our gold bar prices include secure delivery, so there are no hidden extras.