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Artemisia Gentileschi is one of the most celebrated female painters of the 17th century. Born in Rome in 1593, her personal struggles defined her art as she tackled historical and biblical subjects with her own distinct style. Challenging conventions and defying expectations, she became one of the greatest storytellers of her time.

Inspired by the unbreakable spirit of Artemisia, the Modern Baroque collection features intertwining leaves in materials that reflect the drama, energy and realism in Baroque art. 

Crafted in gold vermeil and dark rhodium plated sterling silver, each piece is complemented by richly hued garnets and lustrous freshwater pearls.

To enjoy your jewellery for longer, avoid contact with moisture, heat, perfumes, creams, hairspray and soap. Wipe clean with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Store separately in a soft lined box or pouch so it doesn’t scratch or tangle with anything else.

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