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Buy gold bars and make your future secure. Gold is a historical, relatively stable investment, with global value and presence. Fine gold bars are traded almost everywhere, and also make good gifts – gold bar prices starting at only £50.

Gold was an expression of wealth and security for centuries before the internet brought choice and simplicity to the investment world. Today, it’s even easier to buy gold bars and sell them. Recent political events have increased market volatility and, in 2018, it is becoming difficult to forecast the financial future for many companies. We’ve seen gold prices rise lately as investors have switched their attention from the uncertain, post-Brexit stock market, to more secure investments. PureJewels has been selling fine gold bars in London for many years. If you don’t wish to keep gold bars in your home, store your gold in a safe place (like ForeverSafe in East London) and create an inheritance for your children and grandchildren. We sell Asian gold bars from 0.5 to 2.5g, starting at £44 per gramme. Our fine gold bars are made in Switzerland by Argor-Heraeus, using 24ct gold (99.9% gold). Each one includes a certificate and serial number for traceability. The packaging is credit-card-sized – easy to give and store.

Gold bars are great gifts, and could be the beginning of a lifelong interest. They are perfect for those who are known for their financial sensibility. But 22ct gold jewellery is a good choice for those who will appreciate an investment that can also be worn and loved. Choose a classic 22ct gold chain or bangle for a family collection that preserves value as well as memories. However you like your gold, we regard it as an intelligent investment that’s won the test of time.
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