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Jewellery, since ancient times, has always been an item that symbolises various things. Sometimes it is worn for love, sometimes for protection, sometimes for just aesthetic reasons. We love all the reasons and celebrate every deep sentiment behind a jewellery item.

Call them initial pendants, alphabet pendants, or name pendants; they are a perfect way to showcase your love for yourself or someone special in your life. The gold letter pendants are almost like personal tokens of love. They are unique due to their customising designs. Whether you wear an individual letter pendant or club it with other letter pendants, the allure of these gold pendants is true across all age groups.

At PureJewels, we have a delightful range of alphabet range. These are made in 22ct. Some of these gold letter pendants are minimal gold pendants. Some name pendants are studded with CZ stones. Some initial pendants have been stamped across a circular plate, mimicking a wax stamp design. Some of our gold letter pendants also have a rhodium finish, then designed to compliment the style of a maximalist lover.

All these gold letter pendants come in presentation boxes, making them perfect for gifting. Alphabet pendant necklaces are suitable for gifting as they are more personal than other forms of jewellery. They showcase a part of the wearer, which they will always look forward to wearing. The name pendants can also be passed down, keeping the love alive, and close to the wearer’s heart.

Our initial gold pendants are sold without gold chains, but you can buy from our vast collection of gold chains.

Our alphabet pendant necklaces are suitable for children and adults both. They make for a very personal and intimate gift across various occasions.

If you would like your gold alphabet pendant to be in other designs than the current one on the website, you can reach out to us, and our team of designers can further help you.

Our initial pendants can be styled in multiple ways. For example, the alphabet pendants can be made into alphabet pendant necklaces by pairing the initial gold pendants with our gold chains. You can also create initial necklaces by adding different initials of the people you love on the gold chain. Initial necklaces are one of the best ways to showcase your love to someone.

You can wear the gold pendants on their own in an initial necklace or pair them with other pedants of the same tone or texture.

If you like layering up your gold necklaces, you can buy chains of different lengths and same styles and wear different initial or alphabet pendants on other gold chains. This kind of layering of initial necklaces is highly flattering and a favourite amongst Genz.

The initial pentanes can be combined with other letter pendants to create your name on a necklace.

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