Gold Coins


Gold has always attracted people. Not only because of its unmatched shine, and glimmer, but also because of it being an investment tool. The tradition of investing in gold, buying gold jewellery for wedding, all of it, dates back to centuries. Gold has last valuing. This last valuing can be stored in form of not only jewellery but also in forms of gold coins or bullion coins. Not only that, these gold coins make for the perfect gift that will always retain its value even as the years go by.

Gold has, and always will be a safeguarding against inflation. It is an universal truth that gold has always been the metal that people have sought to in turbulent times. One of the easiest ways to invest in gold is through purchasing gold coins. Not only does having gold as an investment diversify your portfolio, it also is a relatively low risk investment. Gold is easy to liquidate in comparison with other investments. Currencies go through devaluations all the time, gold however, does not take such drastic hits to it. The value of gold is never lost overnight. A lot of our country’s trade are determined by the amount of gold held in our reserve banks. Had it not been for the value  for gold, this would have not been the case.

There are other means to invest in gold as well. You can buy gold bars, or even digital/paper gold in form of gold stocks or Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs). However, gold coins or bullion coins, make for a convenient investment for many reasons. Gold coins are not subject to operating company fluctuations unlike gold stocks or ETFs. Gold coins or bullion coins, are also easy to store. One might say, why not just buy gold jewellery then ? You can always buy jewellery as a means of investing, however, it is not advisable. The reason being, if you are to melt down your jewellery, you end up paying higher labour charges. Most jewellery is made in 22K or under, due to the strength of gold. Gold coins on the other hand, are not subject to the same fate of labour charges. The value for money is always going to be present.

In the United Kingdom, bullion coins minted by The Royal Mint are considered as legal tender. One can take advantage of the tax exemption. These gold coins are VAT free and exempted from Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

The Royal Mint has made several collections of gold coins over the years. Some of the collections are – The Sovereign, Britannia, Lunar and Queen’s Beasts, The Royal Arms and the Two Dragons. All these gold coins are legal tender.

At PureJewels we have the Britannia gold coins. These coins were inspired by maritime and are iconic.

You can go for the 24K Coin, weighing 1oz, featuring the electric design. 24K coin or a 999 Gold coin are of the same definition. This is a way noting the purity of gold. At 24K, or 999, the gold is at it’s purest, with no presence of alloy.

Our other striking Britannia Coin, is the 22K weighing 1/2oz gold coin. This coin also features the iconic maritime influenced design. 22K gold refers to gold which is 22 parts fine gold and 2 parts of added alloy.

To check the availability and price of the day, you can alas contact us at the store. If you are looking for other coins from other collections, we can arrange it for you as well.