Glow Collection

We believe that jewellery should not just be reserved for special occasions or bank lockers. We believe that every day is a celebration. Our Glow Collection is a testimony to this philosophy. Designed for everyday use, the designs are modern and timeless.

The Glow Collection is designed in 22Ct gold. PureJewels is known for beautiful and intricately finished fine 22Ct jewellery. The deep hue of 22Ct gold has an allure of its own. At PureJewels we deeply admire the weight and heft of 22Ct jewellery.

At PureJewels we appreciate modern machinery as well as traditional techniques. We believe in the combination of both and understand you cannot neglect one way of working for another. Our Glow collection finds its inspiration and form in the Ganthan work. Ganthan work originated from India and is a form of beadwork.

Beadwork as a jewellery craftsmanship technique has been around since ages and every culture has had their interpretation of it. The Ganthan work is beadwork jewellery that came from Gujarat in India. The beads are manually woven with each other using gold wirework forming jewellery. The beadwork is deeply intricate. While it may look delicate, the gold wirework is extremely strong making it suitable for everyday wear.

The Glow Collection is the perfect collection that fulfils the dream the daily wear jewellery. The Ganthan designs are modern and give an electric look. The bracelets from this collection are designer gold bracelets that are sure to compliment your outfit.

The collection features articles such as gold bracelets, gold bangles, gold mangalsutra and gold chains. While they are crafted in 22Ct yellow gold, some designs have a hint of white rhodium in them to provide for a further exquisite look.

We believe in providing jewellery should be fun and not reserved just for special occasions. With the bracelets from the glow collection, you can style them up and stack them together. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, the gold bracelet designs are versatile to be styled together in different ways. These can be styled for office wear, an evening out or even for when you are at home binging Netflix.

The Glow collection makes for perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and festivals. But we believe that every day is also a social occasion and this is a perfect gift that you can gift yourself. Whether you like multi-layered gold bracelets, textured bracelets or simple gold bangles, we have it all.