Celebrating Love!

While the historical origins of Valentine’s Day are yet to be confirmed, they are often associated with Saint Valentine, who lived during the Roman Empire. Over time, this holiday has been a day of celebrating love marked by exchanging cards, flowers, jewellery and other gifts. Today, Valentine’s Valentine’s Day is celebrated to express love to romantic partners and platonic relationships.

While you should always express love throughout the year, it does feel special to spoil your partner on a day dedicated to love. We often ask, “What should I gift my partner?”. We understand it can be tricky because you want the best for them and have many options. To help you with it, we have curated a guide that will provide you with multiple options for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

18ct White Gold Ring with Pink Tourmaline and Diamonds | Size M

But why jewellery?

Jewellery plays a significant and timeless role in expressing love and affection. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, each jewellery piece carries a profound symbolism that transcends words. From the sparkle of a diamond engagement ring to the delicate charm of a personalised necklace, jewellery becomes a tangible embodiment of emotions and sentiments. It is a thoughtful and lasting gift, a physical manifestation of individual love. Whether it’s a romantic gesture, such as presenting a particular piece on Valentine’s Day or commemorating a milestone with an engraved bracelet, jewellery has the power to convey deep emotions and create lasting memories. In relationships, the exchange of jewellery goes beyond material value; it becomes a cherished token, a tangible reminder of the enduring connection and commitment shared between loved ones.

How do you choose the perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

There are many ways to choose the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Whether it is for your friend or a partner, there are many ways to go about it.

One of the ways to select a gift for them is by understanding the recipient’s style and preferences? Do they like chunky chains? Do they often wear minimal gold jewellery? Do they have an affinity towards gemstones or diamonds?

It also helps to understand what their other interests are. If your loved one is heavily into sports or other physical activities, an exquisite gold ring is a good option since they can easily remove and wear it. If your partner is a homebody, a gold pendant that can be worn daily is a perfect option! If they are interested in craftsmanship and history, getting them jewellery items where traditional craft techniques have been used is an excellent idea

Another way to approach it could be by choosing the item based on the symbolism. A lot of coloured gemstones and diamonds are associated not only with months as birthstones but also with symbolism. For example – a garnet represents protection. This could be your reminder through jewellery that you will be there with your partner through it all, keeping them safe. An opal symbolises truth, the promise to always be honest and committed to each other.

Not only gemstones but also metals are associated with symbolism. Gold is used to symbolise growth and prosperity, while platinum symbolises symbolise and rarity. The choice is yours!

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

What Kind of Gifts Are Appropriate for Valentine’s Day?

Now, what kind of gifts are considered appropriate? It’s the sentiment behind the gift that counts. But as a guide, we have some options that would make for suitable Valentine’s Day gifts.

Our atelier consists of different styles, with the common denominator being excellence. Our products use solid gold (18ct and 22ct) and platinum. We also have some silver pieces.

Our range of enamel pendants is a wonderful addition to those who value craftsmanship and appreciate the arts. These gold pendants are lightweight but a colourful addition to the wardrobe. Carrying with the enamel theme, we also offer enamelled gold earrings. The best part about this range is that they are reversible, where each side has a different design.

A heart-shaped jewellery on Valentine’s Day might sound cliche, but all love the elegant curve of a heart. Heart-shaped jewellery is timeless and chic. It is a perfect addition to wear with a party dress or as part of your daily jewellery! They are an exquisite choice, whether they are plain gold-shaped or gold jali earrings.

Nothing says love is forever like diamonds. A diamond is everyone’s best friend. The shine of a diamond is loved by all. Whether it is diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, or a diamond ring! We are here to spoil you with choice.

A simple yet understated gift is gold chains. Gold chains are not only lightweight but also super versatile. There are different options: a spiga gold chain, a gold box chain, a rope gold chain, etc. They can be layered with other gold chains or worn independently. They are also perfect for everyday use as well as occasion wear.

Something Special

Another way to make the gift special is by personalisation in many forms. One way to do it is by engraving a quote or word on the jewellery. However, it is also important to note that this can only be done on some items. It would depend on the design.

You can also get them custom name gold bracelets or gold name pendants. Our personalised jewellery is designed by our in-house skilled calligraphers.

We can also do that if you would like a special note in the jewellery box.

If you have a personal design, you can always bring it to us, and we can see how we can proceed.

Love is in the Air

Now that you have some ideas visit our store or browse our website for more options. Remember, a gift is essential, but the sentiment counts. Like love, jewellery is also forever.