Giving children gold

Investing in gold is widely approved.  Gold is accepted at central banks all over the world; it has been collected and preserved by humans for thousands of years.  It is universal and timeless – an exceptionally good, long-term investment.

And if you have grandchildren or children, gold is a good ‘insurance policy’ that they can keep and cash if really they need to.  (The fact that you can’t walk into a shop and instantly spend a gold chain adds to the appeal if you’re a parent!)

If your grandchildren or children will inherit your assets, they will be required to pay Inheritance Tax (currently 40%) on anything over £325,000 (figures correct at today’s date).

However, you are able to give tax-free gold and cash gifts of up to £3000 per year.  And if you are hoping to live for more than seven years, you can make gifts worth more – tax-free. (When you die, your “estate” includes any gifts that you gave during the previous seven years.)

While we are not experts on inheritance law, it is clear that it makes sense to begin dispersing your wealth, and give your grandchildren or children gold in small amounts, as soon as you are able.

Should you buy children’s jewellery?

There are advantages as well as disadvantages involved when you buy children’s jewellery.   Children’s gold bracelets remain a solid and much-loved tradition in many cultures.  In the Indian tradition, a gold baby bracelet is believed to ward off evil spirits for a newborn.  A toddler or baby wearing a gold bangle is a beautiful sight – and it lets parents or grandparents lavish their precious child with the adornment that they deserve.  A piece of gold jewellery can become beloved by the child as they grow up a little, too; you may remember a gold bracelet that you adored as a child.  All very good reasons why buying children jewellery is still extremely popular.

But, even if they absolutely love it, most children don’t look after jewellery quite as well as adults.  For example, your 8-year-old could very easily lose her 22ct gold bracelet, which she insisted on wearing, when playing with friends (as was this writer’s experience).  In this case, a gold-plated bracelet might have been more suitable; there is definitely an argument to be made for keeping the children’s jewellery in a vault.

IF children’s jewellery doesn’t appeal to you, or you’re worried about the security of giving a gold bracelet to a 5-year-old, then opt for a gold bar or Silver Tola instead – the child’s parents can safely store these, and you (and others) can add to the collection on every birthday.  A wonderful way to build up a bank of savings for the children to have when they turn of age.


Our collection of children’s gold jewellery

Let’s start with our beautiful collection of children’s gold bangles and bracelets.  We make them in the traditional Indian manner, using a 22ct gold wire threaded with beads of solid 22ct gold and contrasting jet black (following tradition).  These are lovely pieces of jewellery for the baby to wear at a special occasion, and keep safely stored away – maybe for their own baby one day.  You’ll note that we specify the weight for our children’s gold bracelets, so you can be assured of its future value.

If you want to be the person who gives baby their first bracelet, ours are charmingly authentic and beautifully made.  The classic Black and Gold Children’s Bracelet is threaded on a wire for security and is an enduring bestseller at PureJewels.

For contemporary tastes, we have introduced some new designs recently.  Our personalised Rose Gold baby bracelet is incredibly popular – with a warm tone (introduced by a touch of copper in the gold alloy), it’s a really individual piece of jewellery.  When baby grows up, she could have this baby bracelet turned into a personalised gold necklace to wear every day.

Are you looking for a children’s gold necklace or ring?
We don’t keep our entire stock of children’s jewellery listed online at PureJewels.  If you want to buy a children’s gold necklace, contact the store; our solid gold chains can be adapted to the right length (or you can probably get away with a 16” chain for an older child).  Use Live Chat to reach our in-store advisors, who can make suggestions and send you snaps of the children’s gold necklaces that are currently in store.

We are also able to design and produce jewellery on commission.  If you want a special children’s necklace, from toddler to teen, named or set with diamonds, then come into the store for a chat.  Our design team is ready to help materialise your ideas.