At PureJewels, we believe in the celebration of life and craftsmanship.

All of our jewellery is crafted by talented craftsmen and uses state-of-the-art technology. At our atelier, you will find fine jewellery for not only everyday use but also for various occasions.

We believe that jewellery is a personal token. Whether you buy it for yourself or gift a loved one, each item is intimate and tells us a story. Customising piece of jewellery is one of the ways to tell your unique story.

At PureJewels, we want to help you to tell your story. We understand the intimacy and unique feeling that personalised jewellery provides. At PureJewels UK, we provide various options in terms of customisation. We can give personalisation in terms of size, gold-tone, and even design. So whether you want personalised gold jewellery for him or her or jewellery with engraving, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will help your design come true with the help of our incredible craftsman designers and state-of-the-art technology.

Where Can I Find Personalised Jewellery?

At our PureJewels atelier, you will find fine jewellery that you can wear to work, home, or even out for parties. We have jewellery for him and her. We understand the intimacy and joy of personalised jewellery. Apart from our in-house designs, we also offer services for custom jewellery. We also have designs that have been designed specifically for lovers of custom jewellery.

We are an award-winning UK-based jeweller that specialises in fine jewellery. We believe in celebrating luxury and craftsmanship.

Where Can I Get a Customised Necklace?

You can get a customised necklace at PureJewels. In-house, we create elegant name chokers and necklaces. Our in-house designers write the name or word on the necklace in beautiful calligraphy. Whether it is a name of a loved one or a phrase that inspires you, we can do it all. These personalised gold necklaces come in different sizes. To spoil you further with our customised jewellery, you can choose the tone of gold. You can get a personalised

If calligraphy isn’t your style, then you can have a look at our personalised necklace initials. We also have a range of personalised initial pendants and necklaces. You can add multiple gold initials to the gold chain to create a name or a word. These lustrous gold pendants are studded with CZ stones that further enhance their beauty. You can pair them up in a gold fox chain or a box chain, and the choice is yours!

Where Can I order Fully Custom Jewellery?

At PureJewels, we provide a wide range of fine jewellery for your day-to-day needs as well as for occasion wear. We have in-house collections that celebrate the warmth of life and craftsmanship. So whether you’re looking for customised bracelets or necklaces, or pendants, we have you covered. We also give you the option of choosing the tone of gold. So if you’re looking to create a custom jewellery set or even buy an item of personalised gold jewellery, you can rely on us.

Furthermore, if there are other customisations you need, such as engraved jewellery or if you have any different design in mind, you can always contact us, and we can guide you.

Which Jeweller Does the Best Custom Jewellery?

At PureJewels, we are proud to be a multi-generation company that has created and will always create delightful fine jewellery that celebrates luxury. We believe that every piece tells a story. We understand the intimacy and excitement that comes with buying or gifting custom jewellery. We have won multiple awards in the UK. We owe all this to our team of talented people and your trust in us. So whether it is a personalised gold bracelet or necklace or jewellery with engraving, all you have to do is reach out to us. We ensure to create a timeless piece of custom jewellery that you will always cherish.