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Our 22ct gold spiga chains are the perfect statement for any fit and occasion, enabling the feel of precise craftsmanship.

Our range of ravishing 22ct Spiga Chains is here to elate your style. Spiga Chains are links formed in the twisted figures of eight or teardrop shapes that come together to form a thick 3D chain in the symmetric plaited pattern. They are also widely known as wheat chain due to the symmetry it forms. We offer Spiga chains in various thicknesses from 1mm to 1.4mm. Moreover, we provide the chains in 16inches, 18inches and 20inches lengths for your convenience. The composition of the chains creates a rich look for the wearer and is great for daily wear. The name and its origin come from two European jewellery centres, Spain and Italy, A direct translation of the word in Italian is ear, in reference to an ear of wheat rather than human ears. In Spain, the chain is known as Espiga chain which has the same meaning and origin as the Italian. As a result of this connection, the chain is still linked to and popular within these areas.

Our Spiga Chains are available in a variety of weights so you can opt for chunky and bold or a finer, more delicate piece, and you can pick from a range of lengths to suit you and your style.

To help style these the smaller widths give finer linked chains that are great for layering with other dainty pendants whereas larger linked chains are eye-catching and enough to be worn by themselves. Spiga chains are quite sturdy and capable of supporting a range of pendant sizes.
Spiga Chains are an ideal gift for your significant others. The versatility of these chains helps you adorn it with Indian attire as well as western, for occasions or daily wear, you choose! The Spiga chain allows it to be worn by all age groups, can be gifted to children or the elderly at social events.
The best way to care for them is to keep them dry and clean within a box or cloth pouch. You can clean the chains using mild soap and water, we do not recommend any chemical or special cleaners for them. Our chains are made with utmost care and quality assurance so that you don’t have to be distressed about it.

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