Anklets, also known as “Payal” in India, ornament one wears on the foot at the ankle. Anklets go back way to the age of ancient civilizations. They have always been around as delicate and decadent pieces, embracing the ankle, in a symphony. Gold as a metal has always had its significance in place. Not only in terms of it being a symbol for social status, investment, power, but also because of the properties it supposedly carries.

The ancients believed that gold, especially gold jewellery, was vital for a healthy life. It was a belief that gold carried health benefits. Each ornament came with its significance. Gold anklets would imbue one’s personality with qualities of bravery and pride. Traditionally, anklets for women were gifts given by the groom’s side of the family once a marriage proposal was sent.

Some Indian anklets would also have tiny tinkling bells attached to them and would be called ghunghroo. These 22ct gold anklets were usually a little thicker and worn by the dancers performing the traditional dances such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak. As the dancer would move, the bells would move with every step they took, matching the beat of the drum.

At the PureJewels atelier you will find pieces not only from the west but also from the eastern part of the world. If you are looking for gold anklets in the UK, you have come to the right place. While we cannot vouch for the health benefits of the real gold anklet, we can definitely vouch for it being an elegant piece completing your wardrobe. There is no rule that anklets can be only worn by a bride. Younger women often wear these anklets on a daily basis or on traditional occasions. We can also vouch that ladies anklets make for a perfect old school gift. There is something absolutely romantic about gifting it to your partner; a little momentum to remember each one by. You can even gift it to your mother, sister, or friend! It is the thought behind it that counts.

At PureJewels our anklets are made out of 22K fine yellow gold. These gold chain anklets can be customized according to your size and requirement. They can be adjusted in the clasp. While buying an anklet, it’s important that it is not too tight on the anklet or loose. There should be space for movement, but not too much that you risk losing an anklet. You can wear these anklets on a daily wear basis as well as only on occasions. Anklets are easy on maintenance. However, it is advisable to get them cleaned regularly so that dust does not accumulate.

For the anklet to be a perfect fit, we would advise you to come to the store and try it on. If that is not possible, you can alas reach out to us and we can guide you through the buying process.