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Handmade gold wire bracelet. Beautiful wire bracelet collection in 22ct gold.

Wire bracelets are bracelets made from a thin, flexible wire. These can be made in a variety of precious and non-precious metals. The wire is typically bent or twisted into a specific design or pattern, and the bracelet is usually open-ended or has a clasp for easy wear.

Gold wire bracelets can be simple and delicate or complex and intricate, depending on the artisan’s design and skill. Some wire bracelets may also incorporate other materials, such as beads or gemstones, into the design for added decoration. They are a popular style of jewellery and can be found in a variety of designs.

Wire bracelets can be traced all the way back to Egyptian civilisation. Their versatile style makes them precious pieces of jewellery that can easily be paired up on their own or worn with other pieces. Today, there are a variety of gold wire bracelet designs. These have different textures and can be made into various widths. Inspired by the simplistic design of the wire bracelet, the same techniques were adopted in creating the gold wire bangle.

The gold wire bangle and gold wire bracelet often have beads embedded into their designs. However, you can also find designs without beads.

Women, men, and kids love wire bracelets. The structure of a wire bracelet sits comfortably on the hand, making it an obvious choice for parents. The added elements of beads in wire bracelets are also a favourite among children due to their tactility and movement.

Wire bracelets can be styled in multiple ways. Their versatility enables them to be worn for various occasions as well as day-to-day wear.

If you’re a fan of stacking or layering, you can use multiple wire bead bracelets for that compelling maximalist look. It is important to note that pairing up the right textures and styles can create a unique look. However, if you’re more inspired by a mosaic-like design instead of a traditional one, you can use wire bracelets with different textures and sizes.

Another way to style wire bracelets is by wearing other jewellery items with wire technique or wire aesthetic. This helps in creating a complementary look. So whether it is pairing up wire rings with wire bracelets, you can’t go wrong with this one.

We also suggest mixing up different sizes of wire bracelets. For example, some wire bracelets have singular gold rows, while others have multiple rows. You can also wear a gold wire bangle and bracelet to play with the different widths.

If you’re a fan of wire bead bracelets, they can be worn with other gold wire bracelets without gold beads. The contrasting look helps create a silhouette that looks great for everyday and occasion wear.

Another tip for styling gold wire bracelet designs is mixing different tones of metal. We love the glow of yellow gold but also admire the soft patina glow of rose gold. Different tones of gold can be coupled and create a harmonious design statement.

However, if you’re a fan of simplistic design, you can wear the wire bracelet on its own too!

Gold jewellery as a gift is a concept that has been introduced previously. What makes gold jewellery a desirable gift is its intrinsic value, but more that it is its long-lasting quality which can be passed down through generations. Gold jewellery is also easy to clean and store.

Wire bracelets can be gifted to men, women and children.

Wire bead bracelets remain a crowd favourite. These beads come in various shapes and sizes and form a pattern that complements the wire bracelet. In addition, these gold beads often undergo a rhodium finish to create a contrasting look.

Gold wire bangles and gold wire bracelets can be gifted on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, wedding, et cetera.

In many cultures, babies are given gold jewellery as a gift. Gold bracelets and gold bangles are a favourite due to their comfort. So the next time you’re at someone’s baby shower, feel free to consider the gold wire bracelet as your gift!

Gold wire bracelets and gold wire bangles are perfect gift items for festivals such as Diwali, Christmas and Eid. All our products come in presentation boxes ready to be gifted to the wearer.

Gold wire bracelets come in a variety of designs. While some are minimalistic, some are maximalist. In addition, there are various textures, tones of gold, widths, beading, et cetera. The array enables in selecting a gift for people across different tastes

Our atelier offers a wide range of jewellery suitable for gifting and personal use. Our jewellery is made using precious metals. We believe in championing craftsmanship, harmonising with modern times, and using state-of-the-art technology.

Our collection of bracelets includes wire bracelets and wire bangles. Some of these gold wire bracelets have beads, while others do not. The gold wire bracelets also have textures decorated into them.

The wire bracelets are made in 22ct and 18ct. Some pieces also have beads that have been given a rhodium finish to give a contrasting look.

All items at PureJewels come in presentation boxes, making them perfect for gifting. We also provide swift delivery of our items.

You can always contact us if you would like your gold wire bracelet in a different tone of gold, such as rose gold or white gold.

Many thought processes have inspired the designs for gold wire bracelets and gold wire bangles. Whether it is flora, fauna or even the arches of a building, inspiration is everywhere.

The gold wire bracelets can be easily matched with other items across our atelier due to their versatility in terms of design and material.

We also take custom orders. If you have a specific design you would like to collaborate on, feel free to reach out to us, and we can make it come true.

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