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We love jewellery especially jewellery that you can pair up with other items. Sometimes more is more and we like celebrating that. Our fancy mala chains take inspiration from the framework of mala chains. Traditionally the mala chains were chains with rosary beads used for prayer. Over centuries the mala style got adopted into chains. What we have today is a fine example of when things we love are combined.

Our collection of Fancy Mala chains is available in different lengths. They are available in 22, 22 and 26 inches. These chains can be worn on their own or styled together. You can also add gold pendants and lockets to it. The choice is yours! Wearing different lengths creates a layered look that is perfect for an evening out.

Our yellow gold fancy chain is a love letter to minimalism. The gold chain is sleek and has a stable heft. The colour is a warm shade of 22Ct. We love the glow that 22ct gold jewellery provides. This gold chain is appropriate for both men and women. You can wear this chain on its own or add gold pendants to it. The chain doubles up as a perfect gift for various occasions.

Our Armari collection is a love letter to the design sensibilities of east and west. It takes its inspiration from traditional Indian motifs and uses that to create powerful and empowering imagery. The production technique used to create this collection is a combination of both modern and traditional techniques. The 22Ct gold Armari Necklace has distinctive beads that resemble Rudraksh. Rudraskh beads are still used as rosary beads. While it is crafted in 22Ct yellow gold, it has been given an antiquet finish to it, bringing out the old school charm.

To clean these chains, combine mild soap with warm water. Use a soft brush to clean the piece with the soap mixture. After cleaning it, rinse it under warm water. Store it safely into jewellery pouches. Store it in a dry and cool area and keep it away from moisture. We recommend getting these chains professionally cleaned once a year.
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